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IOWA: Aidan Ralph, an Iowa State football player, is charged with allegedly sexually assaulting a woman who was allegedly unable to protect herself. Ralph, 20, is accused of allegedly throwing the woman violently down the steps of her home, breaking her spine and then sexually assaulting her as she lay motionless, according to the Daily Mail.

Court documents reveal that the alleged incident took place at the residence of Ralph Ames at approximately 1 a.m. m. on December 3, 2022. The incident reportedly left the woman with immobilizing injuries, as she allegedly pleaded with Ralph to call an ambulance. The affidavit states that despite her begging him to stop, he persisted and continued to sexually assault her. A police complaint claims that Ralph accused the woman of allegedly cheating on her and pushed her multiple times.

Aidan Ralph Age

The age of Aidan Ralph is 20 years.


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Aidan Ralph accused of sexually assaulting a woman

Ralph, a linebacker and redshirt sophomore from Chicago, was arrested Wednesday, May 3 and charged with felony sexual assault and misdemeanor domestic violence in Story County. A public defender was assigned to represent him, he was told not to speak to his accuser, and the judge set him $11,000 bail. The next hearing in the case was set for Monday, May 15.

Ralph was removed from the team by the Iowa state athletic department, a spokeswoman told the Ames Tribune. The 6-foot-2, 220-pound linebacker has never appeared for the Cyclones after making the team in 2021 after graduating from Chicago’s De La Salle High School.

A statement from the team read: “Aidan Ralph is no longer a member of the Iowa State football program.” Ralph remained behind bars on Thursday, May 4. A Cyclone Fanatic intern named Jared Stansbury tweeted on Friday, May 5 about Ralph’s firing from the Iowa State football team. He tweeted: “Aidan Ralph is no longer a member of the Iowa State football team, according to a statement from University”.


As the news broke, one person tweeted: “Get Aidan Ralph off his team website!” A second person tweeted: “Yeah, no joke.” A third person wrote: “This is one sick individual. Oh and all the rapes are violent and wrong. Give him the maximum sentence without parole.” This other person wrote: “If the actions in the affidavit filed in the case of Aidan Ralph are proven to be true, he should receive the death penalty. Full stop.“Read More……

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