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FLORIDA: An amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Ross Johnson, 23, was arrested for allegedly punching an Air Force soldier, Dayvon Larry, 31, behind the ear during a bar fight. in Panama City Beach, Florida. The shocking incident resulted in Larry’s death.

Johnson, who has three years of advanced combat training, ran to help his friend in the fight when he punched Larry and caused him to collapse. According to police, Johnson did not try to get help for Larry, instead allegedly telling a witness, “I think I killed him.” said a report. The incident occurred Sunday night in the parking lot of a bar in the 10500 block of Front Beach Road.

The MMA fighter got into another fight after knocking out Larry and ran to hide from police in Larry’s hotel room, police were quoted as saying by the outlet. The report says it’s unclear if Larry was part of the fight or got in Johnson’s way as he headed to the fight. Johnson has three wins and two losses on his MMA record.


Ross Johnson Age

The age of Ross Johnson is 23 years.

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Ross Johnson arrrested for killing Dayvon Larry

The victim’s autopsy revealed that he had a fractured skull and a baseball-sized bruise behind his ear. Police allege that Johnson only hit Larry once before fleeing the scene using a ride-sharing service. Larry was discovered by a security officer after he broke up the fight. Larry was pronounced dead at a local hospital after paramedics failed to revive him with life-saving measures outside the bar.

On Tuesday, police announced that Johnson had been taken into custody and had given several stories of what happened during the bar fight. The MMA fighter was arrested with the help of surveillance footage from the bar that allegedly showed Johnson beating the soldier.


Johnson initially claimed that he just pushed Larry, but investigators said he allegedly told a witness, “Man, I hit that guy, left him, and I think I killed him.” speechless, but we lost one of our own, Airmen First Class Dayvon Larry 3 days ago,” Sergeant Rosemarie McGill wrote on Facebook as she paid tribute. She added: “5 hours ago. He came to my office a little over a year ago to join the Air Force and I was able to see his progress from day one.

He always went above and beyond for me, his family, friends, his wingman and his community.” McGill further detailed, “He was always stopping by the office to see how he could help. He was a driving force in people’s lives by encouraging and motivating them to always do their best. The last thing he sent me was all his achievements which were 4-5 pages of helping the community of him and Tyndall AFB. That was him, giving. We will all miss him. Sending all the prayers, love and support to his family during this time. R.I.P. Larry.”

Four others were charged in connection with Wednesday’s fight according to WMBB. Timothy Lynn Helton, 32, of Salesville, Ark, was charged with simple assault. Toby LeShane Wallace, 30, of Carterville, Ill, was charged with simple assault. John Dero Chester II, 23, of Carterville, Ill, was charged with disorderly conduct on the premises of an establishment.


Malcolm David Santiago-Ramos, 26, of Panama City, Florida, was charged with inciting a riot. Arrest affidavits according to the outlet indicate that Helton, Wallace and Chester participated in the fight inside or outside the bar. Santiago-Ramos’ affidavit states that he left the bar while “aggressively attempting to instigate a fight, thereby provoking the violence that ultimately led to the death of the victim.”

A woman Johnson messaged on Snapchat also came forward and revealed that he messaged her about the incident and how Larry “wasn’t moving.” Several people mourned the loss of Larry, who was part of Tyndall Air Force Base. “Tyndall officials can confirm that there was one airman fatality that occurred at PCB on April 10, 2023,” Tyndall Public Affairs officials said Tuesday according to a report. “This is a devastating loss for the Tyndall team. Our thoughts and prayers are with family, friends and fellow Airmen during this difficult time.”Read More……..

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