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Sadie Davila, 7, of East Baton Rouge, Louisiana, was mauled to death by a roaming pit bull Friday night while playing outside a relative’s home. The dog was captured an hour later and euthanized the same night.

Her mother, Haley Anselmo, said her family is torn apart and is demanding that the dog’s owner, 20-year-old Erick Chinchilla Lopez, be held accountable Lopez was arrested and charged with negligent homicide for failing to confine or restrain the dog, and police noticed that his house didn’t even have a fence.

Teachers described Sadie as a warm-hearted first grader who loved to sing for her classmates, and that her classroom would feel empty on Monday.


Dramatic photos and videos show the moment a pit bull that killed a seven-year-old Louisiana girl while playing outside in a relative’s yard was finally captured before being euthanized.

Sadie Davila, of East Baton Rouge, was rushed to the hospital after the dog attacked her Friday night and later died of her serious injuries, WAFB reports.

Sadie Davila Age

The age of Sadie Davila was just 7/.


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Sadie Davila Cause of death

Authorities said it took Animal Control about an hour to find the dog and capture it. Video from the nighttime hunts shows officers loading the canine into a cage in the back of a truck using trap poles. Authorities said the dog was euthanized that same night and tested for rabies.

The dog’s owner, Erick Chinchilla Lopez, 20, a neighbor of Sadie’s unidentified relative, was arrested and charged with negligent homicide for failing to confine or restrain the dog. Sadie’s parents were devastated by the death of their daughter, and her mother Haley Anselmo demanded justice for her shattered family.

‘My little me. The light in my heart,’ Anselmo wrote on Facebook when describing her daughter. ‘There are no words for what this feeling is.


‘My family is devastated. Please pray for us. Pray that they bring charges against the dog’s owners and hold them accountable. The attack happened around 6:30 p.m. m. on Kendalwood Road, near Hoo Shoo Too Road.

According to the arrest report, Lopez’s home didn’t even have a fence or other barrier to keep the dog from wandering the streets. The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office said a relative of Sadie’s tried to rescue her from the dog, but was unable to stop the vicious attack.
Her father, Mikey Dávila, said he was left speechless by the tragedy that befell his family. In an Instagram post sharing the news, Dávila wrote: “RIP my sweet Sadie Elizabeth, 7 years old and she was taken from us in the most violent way.” The world is a cruel place. You were the light in my heart.

EBR Parish Sheriff Sid Gautreaux joined the community in mourning the death of the first grader. “This is a horrible and heartbreaking tragedy,” he told WAFB. “My heart goes out to this family, and they will remain in my prayers.” EBR Parish School District staff described Sadie, who attended Woodlawn Elementary School, as a child who brought joy to her class.


Her teacher, Grace Feucht, said in a statement: “Sadie was fierce and brave, but she was also tender and kind.” ‘She was not afraid and she sang her heart out in front of her classmates. She was a gift to me and she made me smile and laugh many times. “Sadly, I expect our classroom to feel considerably emptier on Monday without her precious presence. I am very grateful to have had the honor of teaching him.’

District Superintendent Sito Narcisse added: ‘This news is devastating for our entire school community as young Sadie was blossoming at the dawn of her life and education with so much promise awaiting her. “It is difficult to comprehend the enormous pain and remorse that her family and friends of hers are experiencing in the wake of this tragedy.”

López was arrested and charged with manslaughter for failing to confine or restrain the dog that attacked the seven-year-old girl.Read more….


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