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The Fulton County Jail, the detention center under investigation by the Justice Department and the location of Trump’s famous mugshot, is under scrutiny once again over the death of another inmate Samuel Lawrence. However, a few days before his death, the detainee filed a complaint detailing the brutal beatings he suffered in prison.

Samuel Lawrence, 33, was arrested and jailed in December 2022 on charges of second-degree arson. On August 22, he filed a 16-page complaint in federal court alleging the brutal conditions in which he was forced to live, according to 11Alive. He alleged that he was isolated in a cell with no water, no working toilets and less food for meals. He also claimed that the guards beat him, Tasered him, stomped on him and kicked him in the head. He also alleged that guards allowed other inmates to attack him and offered no intervention.

Samuel Lawrence Age

The age of Samuel Lawrence was 33 year.


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Samuel Lawrence cause of death

Eight people have died in Fulton County custody in the last 12 months, according to 11Alive. However, concerns about jail deaths and facility conditions came to light following the death of LaShawn Thompson. He was found dead in his cell in August of last year covered in insect bites and 30 pounds thinner than he was when he was incarcerated just three months earlier.

The lawsuit filed by his family led the Justice Department to launch its own investigation into the conditions at the facility, making the possibility that former President Donald Trump would be dumped there highly fanciful. Fortunately, he had enough money to get by. However, people like Lawrence, who could not afford a $30,000 bond, were not so fortunate.

“The humanitarian crisis at Fulton County’s Rice Street Jail is not new. Recognizing the systemic concerns that have plagued the Fulton County Jail for decades, I contacted the DOJ’s National Institute of Corrections (NIC) in September 2022 to urgently request a security audit, technical assistance and support surrounding the circumstances in jail,” Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat said in a statement, via 11Alive. Read More….


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