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A jury in Wisconsin was shown body camera footage of a dead man’s head found by police in a bucket as the murder and necrophilia trial of Taylor Denise Schabusiness began Monday. Shad Thyrion 25, was murdered and dismembered in his mother’s basement in February 2022. The state alleges that the 25-year-old defendant took advantage of him during rough sex and strangled him to death with a chain before having sex with his corpse, violating the dead man’s body and then cutting him into several pieces. At least two of Thyrion’s body parts – his head and what police have euphemistically described as a “male organ” – were left for his mother, Tara Pakanich, and his boyfriend, Steve Hendricks, to find.

In a 911 call, Hendricks tells a dispatcher that his girlfriend “swears she found her son’s severed head in the basement.” In body cam footage shown in court, Pakanich very quietly mentions something about a “severed head” to a responding member of the Green Bay Police Department. “You both saw this?” the officer asks the couple.

“I opened the towel,” Hendricks responded. “I picked up the towel and threw it away because I don’t know what the hell it is, man. I have bad vision and she says, ‘Is that what I think it is?’ Don’t know”. One of the officers stays with the couple while the other goes downstairs to the basement on Stony Brook Lane. After looking into the bucket, the officer appears to call his partner to look. The second officer responds with surprise and disgust.


The first officer continues to look around the basement for several minutes, calling in multiple backup units at least twice. “If we could get more units sooner rather than later, it would be appreciated,” says the officer wearing the body camera in the video played in court. “We have quite a bit of blood down here.” The criminal complaint against Schabusiness filed in Brown County details what responding officers found that night.

Shad Thyrion Age

The age of Shad Thyrion was 25 year.

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How Shad Thyrion was killed?

Thyrion’s head had been severed from the neck and there was visual evidence of strangulation. Inside the bucket, in addition to the head, was the “male organ”, along with bodily fluids and two knives. Other body parts were found in the basement in plastic bags. Knives, including a carving knife and a bread knife, were found at the crime scene, police wrote. The victim’s upper torso was found in a storage bag, along with “various internal organs.”


After being arrested, the defendant allegedly admitted to passing out while smoking methamphetamine, and later allegedly admitted to the opportunistic murder of Thyrion during the typically rough sex the two longtime friends frequently had together. Schabusiness said that she and Thyrion often used chains and strangulation techniques when they had sex. The chains were attached, they were silver and looked like choke collars for dogs. She said that this last time they had sex, she “she just went crazy, referring to strangling the victim.”

After what the defendant explained as a period of suffocation that lasted between three and five minutes, Thyrion finally died and she said that she played with her body for two to three hours. “Schabusiness stated that she sucked on the victim’s penis, that she had a dildo that she put in the victim’s mouth and then in the victim’s buttocks,” the criminal complaint alleges.

Prosecutors charged her with first-degree murder, mutilation of a corpse, and third-degree sexual assault. Before the start of her trial, Schabusiness had a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity entered by her former lawyer, who she was finally allowed to drop the case after she attacked him in an infamous courtroom mishap caught on camera. In a defense motion, Schabusiness’s attorney argued that the sexual assault charge should be dropped because such a crime was feasible and legally impossible since Thyrion was already dead.


“Defense asserts and argues that it would be unlikely and nearly impossible for a sexual assault to occur in the manner in which the dismembered body was found by police,” the motion reads. “The appendix (penis) was not attached to the body when it was found and the appendix was unable to function due to its condition.“Read More……..

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