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According to multiple reports, multiple people came forward this month to claim that Hernandez was “displaying very erratic behavior” and showing worrying signs. Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez the older brother of troubled former NFL star Aaron Hernandez, was arrested after police said he had allegedly been planning two school shootings, according to TMZ, which first broke the news Tuesday.

Police say Hernandez appeared to be plotting shootings at the University of Connecticut and Brown University, according to Bristol Police Department arrest documents obtained by TMZ and local news outlets KMOV4 and WFSB. The documents indicate that several people came forward this month to claim that Hernandez was “displaying highly erratic behavior” and displaying troubling signs of being “severely disabled and a danger to society.”

According to the documents, according to the media, a person told police that he received a series of disturbing text messages from Hernandez, including one that allegedly read: “We are taking lives if s — is not paid. They have spent years planning to just take notes, names and locations. They talked about this and it is almost a game of point.”


Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez Age

The age of Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez is not declared.

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Dennis “D.J.” Hernandez Aaron Hernandez’s Brother

According to the documents, which were released in their entirety by WFSB, another person claiming to be Hernandez’s ex-girlfriend told police she was concerned about Hernandez’s mental health and borrowed his car to drive to his scheduled July 7 hearing, but instead traveled to Brown and UConn to “map the schools.” She said that he “went into various classrooms and buildings” while on campus.

The ex-girlfriend also told police that Hernandez was “rambling about the incident” and said that he “has a bullet for everyone,” according to the documents. According to arrest documents, police went to Hernandez’s residence on July 18, where a confrontation ensued, TMZ and WSFB report. When Hernández was unable to open the door, an officer contacted Hernández by phone, the officer later relayed to his department that Hernández had told him that he was “on foot, armed and if we got close to him, he would try to kill us.”


Shortly thereafter, Hernandez left his home and “began advancing toward police with her hands out to her sides,” according to the documents. He began yelling “shoot me” and ignored numerous police commands. Hernández then received an electric shock to subdue him and was subsequently arrested. According to arrest documents, he was later taken to a local hospital for evaluation, where police say he “continued to make threats,” including that he “still planned to kill … anyone who would benefit from his brother Aaron’s.”

Following his discharge from the hospital, Hernandez was transported to the Bristol Police Department, where he was booked on charges of making threats and disorderly conduct. He is currently being held on a $250,000 bond. According to WFSB, Hernandez was first arrested in May when he led police on a manhunt. He was arrested a second time days later when he dumped a bag containing a brick and a handwritten note on the ESPN campus in Bristol, Connecticut. Earlier this month, he missed his court date over the ESPN incident, which led to a third arrest.

Hernandez’s brother, Aaron, who played three seasons with the New England Patriots, was convicted of first-degree murder in 2015 and sentenced to life in prison without parole. He was later indicted for the double homicide of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in 2012, but was acquitted after a trial in 2017. Days after his acquittal, he was found dead in his cell by suicide at the Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center in Massachusetts.Read More……..


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