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A Florida man who fatally stabbed another man at least 25 times has been arrested for the violent murder. Shane McGarity, 46, is charged with one count of first-degree murder with a weapon and one count of robbery with a deadly weapon, according to the Winter Park Police Department news release.

On November 11, 2022, McGarity called 911 and sought medical attention for himself. During the 911 call, he said, “I have no comment other than I was attacked and I fought back, and they cut me, bad,” adding, “I got cut a lot with a knife. I need…I need paramedics. It’s bad; I almost cut my finger off,” Law and Crime reported.

Shane McGarity Age

The age of Shane McGarityis 46 years.


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Shane McGarity accused of murder

Under Sunshine State victim protection laws, it cannot be revealed who the victim is a member of McGarity’s family. Throughout the victim’s body, he was stabbed in multiple places. Rescuers called police after describing his injuries as “incompatible with life”. According to the outlet, police suggest that a small mallet was kept “loosely” on the deceased man’s body.

While speaking to a non-police person, the defendant said that an unknown intruder murdered the victim after he broke into the house. According to the document, “McGarity is known to be a trained fighter with extensive knowledge of martial arts,” adding: “It should be noted that defendant McGarity has previously killed a person, arguing that it was in self-defense, and was not prosecuted for that earlier incident.”

In the affidavit, police wrote that they believe the man was killed based on the type and number of injuries. “The pattern of injuries and evidence at the scene is consistent with stab wounds that occurred while the descendant [sic] was sitting/lying in the reclining chair,” the document stated, adding: “Due to subarachnoid hemorrhages on both sides of the brain and severe subdural hemorrhage, it is reasonable to believe, based on the decedent’s injuries and the physical evidence, that the decedent was unconscious in the reclining chair, rendering him helpless as he was fatally stabbed.”


Investigators ultimately rejected the man’s self-defense claims. The affidavit alleged that “based on the foregoing facts and his multiple histories, it is unreasonable to believe that defendant Shane Kelly McGarity is acting in self-defense.”

“He struck decedent multiple times to the point where decedent’s ability to defend himself was significantly diminished. Defendant McGarity used a knife to cut and stab decedent twenty-five (25) times. Defendant McGarity killed decedent by embedding the knife in the left eye, which penetrated the decedent’s brain stem and killed him instantly. Repeated blunt force trauma and twenty-five (25) stab wounds show an intent to kill,” the affidavit added, according to Law and Crime.Read More……

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