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A musician was acquitted today of murdering a student in a gruesome late-night knife attack sparked by a “silly and light-hearted” comment about his skateboarding skills. In the latest terrifying death from Britain’s knife crime epidemic, Shiloh Pottinger stabbed 19-year-old Luke O’Connor eight times with a 13-inch ‘Mafia Stiletto’ blade last October.

Pottinger, 20, claimed he had acted in self-defense and was sentenced today in lieu of the manslaughter of Mr O’Connor, a second-year business administration student at Manchester Metropolitan University.

They told him he faced a “long sentence” behind bars when he returns to court next month. The son of an up-and-coming rapper and musician, it can now be revealed that one of Pottinger’s songs has been streamed more than 500,000 times on streaming platform Spotify.


Another track features the lyrics: ‘Mommy said when she was younger that she should never play with knives.’ A fight broke out between the couple as Mr O’Connor, from Bedfordshire, was returning home from a party with two friends in the heart of Manchester’s student area.

One of them, Charles Robertson, walked past Pottinger, who was holding a skateboard, and asked if he could “do a kick-flick”, Manchester Crown Court heard. Mark Ford KC, the prosecutor, stated that “it was a silly, light-hearted comment.” But Pottinger, himself a music student who has released tracks under the OSU name, “didn’t take it well” and reacted in a “violent and unpredictable” way.

Shiloh Pottinger Age

The age of Shiloh Pottinger is 20 years.


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Shiloh Pottinger accused of killing a man with knife

He first attacked Mr. O’Connor by hitting him over the head with his skateboard before he slipped out of his hand as he attempted a second strike. Security camera footage, shown to the jury, showed Pottinger threatening O’Connor with the knife and shoving each other. There was a fight, with Mr. O’Connor hitting Pottinger and holding him down, but as he did so, he was stabbed repeatedly in the body.

As they struggled, Pottinger fell to the ground, dropping the knife as he did so. But “it was too late”, the jury heard, as Mr. O’Connor had already suffered fatal injuries. Distressing footage played in court showed him collapsing on the road covered in blood. Mr. O’Connor was rushed to hospital with cardiac arrest, but was pronounced dead at 4:51 am.

The jury heard injuries that included incisions in the aorta, a kidney nearly split in two and a collapsed lung. Pottinger fled the scene of the attack, ditching his skateboard and jacket and doing his laundry in an attempt to avoid detection, prosecutors said, but was arrested two days later.


The bloody knife, which he had bought online, was later recovered by police. After the attack, Pottinger conducted several online searches, including “How long do you get for killing someone?” and ‘How long do you get for knife murder?’ But he denied murdering O’Connor and the jury found him not guilty after 13 1/2 hours of deliberation.

Instead, they found Pottinger, sobbing on the bench with members of his family in the public gallery, guilty of manslaughter by a 10-2 majority. O’Connor’s family members watched the verdict on a video link from the court, while his mother walked away without comment. The jury heard that Pottinger had no intention of using the knife and that he had acted in self-defense.

He said he wanted to show Mr. O’Connor and his friend that he had a knife as an “ultimate scare tactic” because he was afraid they would “get together” with him. He also claimed that the knife was used to tape his skateboard and that he did not intend to take it with him that night.


Pottinger’s lawyer, Siobhan Gray KC, claimed that Mr O’Connor, who was 6ft 2in tall, was ‘standing out’ over the defendant and was ‘ready to fight’. But Ford described Pottinger’s story as a “package of lies” and a “desperate attempt” to “escape the consequences of what he did.” Judge Nicholas Dean KC told Pottinger that he should “not be under any illusions” that he had been convicted of “a felony”.

It was “inevitable that he would serve a lengthy prison or detention sentence,” he added. The judge ordered Pottinger’s pretrial detention prior to his sentencing. Following Mr O’Connor’s death, his family paid tribute to the ‘gentle giant’, saying they had ‘left a hole in their hearts that will never be filled’.

According to the Home Office, murders involving a knife or other sharp instrument in England and Wales reached its highest level in 76 years in 2021-22, with 282 deaths. On coronation weekend alone, four teenagers and a man in his 20s lost their lives in separate knife attacks.Read More……


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