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A 26-year-old California woman who prosecutors say put a loaded gun to her husband’s forehead and pulled the trigger, not being “100% sure” the gun was loaded, has been sentenced to seven years for manslaughter. . Skylar Marie Marshall was sentenced for the shooting death of her husband Alexander Hagist, 35, the San Luis Obispo County district attorney said in a news release.

Judge Jacquelyn Duffy ordered a split of the seven-year sentence: two years in county jail followed by five years of community supervision, authorities said.

Marshall shot Hagist on July 16, 2020, at an apartment in the city of San Luis Obispo, on California’s central coast, authorities said. San Luis Obispo police responded to multiple reports of a single shot being heard and a woman screaming and found Hagist dead, police said.


Skylar Marie Marshall  Age

The age of Skylar Marie Marshall is 26 years.

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Skylar Marie Marshall accused of shooting her husband

Marshall pointed a loaded semi-automatic pistol at Hagist’s forehead and pulled the trigger, killing him, evidence showed in a preliminary hearing on April 29, 2021, authorities said.

“Marshall told San Luis Obispo police officers that she thought the gun was unloaded but she wasn’t ‘100%’ sure when she pulled the trigger because she didn’t check the gun or the magazine,” the statement said. press. “Testimony at the hearing revealed that Marshall had experience handling, loading and firing the weapon and that her roommate and Mr. Hagist had previously warned her not to point the weapon at others and to treat any weapon like it’s loaded.”


After interviews, investigators determined that Marshall was responsible, and she was arrested. Prosecutors initially charged Marshall with murder, but a judge threw out the murder charge, allowing only the lesser charge of manslaughter, authorities said. Marshall pleaded no contest, as well as a guilty plea, to that charge in December, she admitted that she used a firearm in the crime and was found guilty, authorities said.

Assistant District Attorney Crystal Seiler advocated for Marshall to serve the full sentence of seven years in custody, or if the court “split” the sentence, for Marshall to serve five years in custody followed by two years of mandatory supervision. In a pre-sentence report, the San Luis Obispo County Probation Department recommended that Marshall serve seven years in custody, authorities said.

“Our hearts go out to Alex’s family and friends for their loss in this senseless and completely preventable tragedy,” said District Attorney Dan Dow. “This case illustrates the devastating effects of the irresponsible use of weapons. It’s very simple. If you accept responsibility for handling a firearm, you assume a legal and moral obligation to exercise the highest degree of care in its use.”


At the sentencing hearing, Hagist’s family members described him as “an incredible father with the heart of a lion, an infectiously positive and optimistic personality and a beacon of light.” The couple, who had been married for a year, had recently purchased the gun and jokingly pointed the gun at each other, usually unloaded, the San Luis Obispo Tribune reported, citing officers’ testimony during the preliminary hearing.

William Gamble, Marshall’s attorney, said in an interview Saturday with Law & Crime that her client was devastated and crying after the shooting. “It was a stupid act,” he said. “It was clear that she had absolutely no intention of harming him. He said the judge’s sentence was reasonable given the circumstances.Read More……

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