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The daughter of George W. Bush’s director of national intelligence has been convicted of the second-degree murder of a friend. On Tuesday, December 3, in Montgomery County Circuit Court, Sophia Negroponte was found guilty of killing Yousuf Rasmussen in February 2020.

Following the conviction, it has been said that the 29-year-old woman could face up to four decades in jail. John Negroponte is reportedly Sophia’s father. The 83-year-old had served Bush’s term as Director of National Intelligence before becoming Assistant Secretary of State. John had also worked as an ambassador to Honduras, Mexico, the Philippines, the United Nations, and Iraq.

It has been said that Sophia and the Maryland victim had been friends for years as they both attended the same Washington high school. On the fateful night, the duo were partying and drinking in an apartment with a third person before Sophia murdered Rasmussen.


Sophia Negroponte Age

The age of Sophia Negroponte is 29 years.

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Sophia Negroponte convicted of second-degree murder of a friend

Montgomery County State’s Attorney John McCarthy reportedly told the court that Sophia and her friend had a fight over some issue before the latter left. However, when Rasmussen returned to take the phone from him, the woman lost it and started stabbing him.

Alcohol was the real culprit


The vicious attack severely injured Rasmussen’s jugular, reportedly resulting in his death. It has been revealed that when the cops arrived on the scene, Sophia was sitting on the man’s body as she yelled, “Breathe! Breathe! Yousuf, breathe! I’m so sorry,” The Washington Post reported.

Initially, she was charged with first degree premeditated murder, but the jury did not convict her of that after defense attorney David Moyse stated: “Alcohol permeates this case from the beginning; it pervades his life and is absolutely at the heart of what happened there that night. And it’s one of the main reasons why this is not murder at all.”

Did justice prevail?


But the jury said Sophia “acted with extreme disregard for the life-threatening consequences for her.” Additionally, Judge Terrence J McGann vacated the murderer’s bail, stating that Rasmussen was “torn from this earth, at a very young age with all of life before him, in such a horrific way.”

Assistant State’s Attorney Donna Fenton shared with jurors that Sophia’s “hand was on that knife when it plunged into her face, slit her throat, and plunged into her neck, where the blood ran down and she collapsed.” almost immediately,” before adding: “Subsequent repentance does not change your proven intent at the time the murder was committed.”

Tuesday’s verdict apparently soothed the wound for Rasmussen’s family, as they said in a statement: “Yousuf was a kind and gentle soul, a loving person who brought our family and his many friends great joy in his 24 years of life.” lifetime.


We will carry him with us forever.” But the Negropontes were clearly not satisfied, as John Negroponte put it: “Neither the prosecutors nor perhaps the jury gave sufficient consideration to the complexities and extenuating circumstances of the case: Sophia’s past trauma and other factors that led to a very troubled existence. She has had a severe alcohol use disorder.”Read More….

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