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A grieving father has criticized social services for failing to check on the mother of his son, who left her one-year-old baby to die at home in 27C temperatures while she went shopping and washed cars. Stacey Davis left 1-year-old Ethan Davis alone for nearly three hours in a heated room in her home in June 2018.

The 35-year-old mother was jailed for two years on a child cruelty offense at Salisbury Crown Court on Thursday 1 December. Stacey had admitted to the offense at a previous hearing in May 2022, according to The Independent. During the trial it was revealed that Davis, who regularly smoked cannabis near her son, left the baby behind while she ran errands and visited a park near her home in Melksham, Wiltshire. She came home about 3 hours later and even then she didn’t check on him for at least another 30 minutes.

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The age of Stacey Davis is 35 years.


Stacey Davis Leaves baby to die in heated room

She eventually visited her son’s room where she found him unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital on June 27, 2018, and was pronounced dead shortly thereafter. The prosecutor reportedly told the court that a post-mortem examination found a 15cm skull fracture on Ethan’s deceased body. Forensic investigators also found that there were high levels of cannabis in Ethan’s hair. However, the cause of the boy’s death remains uncertain.

Defense attorney Mark Ashley claimed Davis was afraid to take her son to the hospital after he was previously removed from his care because he was suspected of having a broken leg. Ethan was born prematurely by C-section and required immediate colon surgery, resulting in a two-month hospital stay, the prosecution revealed.

Now, Ethan’s heartbroken father, Luke Turvey, has finally broken his silence and revealed his grief. “I think they let Ethan and our family down because of how they treated us and how it was assumed it was me because I’m the man,” Luke told the Sun. “The social services should have investigated all the accusations that were made against her, instead of ignoring them. Everyone who dealt with this apologized, the police for example, but the social services have not apologized yet, because they know that really they were wrong.”


Court reports also emphasized the allegations made by Luke’s family. Criticizing the mother for not caring for her son, the family said she had not “bonded” with little Ethan and that she “hates” him. They also alleged that he previously “wished he had died instead of the family dog”, which Davis denied. Ethan’s aunt Lexi said: “Ethan was on his cot and no one was coming for him, no one deserves to die alone. You should always have someone there: your mom, your dad, someone. I know the judge was thorough and fair given the guidelines she had to follow. The defense was pushing for a suspended sentence, I’m glad she’s in custody. She won’t have an easy time there. The hardest thing for us is that she has refused to tell us where Ethan’s ashes are “.

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