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Stella Berry was relaxing on a rope swing with his friends at the Swan River in north Fremantle at around 3:30pm. meter. on Saturday, when she saw a pod of dolphins and jumped into the water. Moments later, what authorities say was likely a bull shark hooked onto his leg.

It is believed that the girl was swimming with dolphins when she was attacked by the shark. The girl’s family and friends were seen in shock near the river after she was pulled out of it.

Emergency services, including police boats, rushed to the scene near the Fremantle Traffic Bridge and pulled her out of the water with serious injuries to her legs. Acting Fremantle District Inspector Paul Robinson described the incident as “traumatic”. “This is an extremely traumatic event for everyone involved and everyone who knew the young woman, so I will not get into the realm of injuries.


Stella Berry Age

The age ofStella Berry was 16 years.

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Stella Berry cause of death

“It is unusual for a shark to be this far out in the river… at this time an alert has been issued, a shark warning just to let people know that this incident has occurred. “What they have informed us is that the problems with some friends in the river, they were on jet skis, possibly a pod of dolphins had been seen nearby, and the young woman jumped into the water to swim near the dolphins.”

It is the first deadly shark attack in the Swan River in a century. “We did a wide variety of things in the ocean to improve people’s safety, but the river is different,” McGowan said. “Flying helicopter patrols, it doesn’t work, because the river is opaque, it’s brown, it’s very hard to find things that work.”


WA Premier Mark McGowan sent his condolences to the family of shark victim Stella Berry WA Fisheries Minister Don Punch said other measures could be considered. “Shark barriers is something we are always open to discussing with local government in relation to protected swimming areas,” he said.Read More….

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