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A man who claimed evidence linking him to the rape of a teenage girl was witchcraft has been jailed. Demba Embalo , 21, attacked the teenager at his Peterborough home in 2019. Despite the girl repeatedly telling him no, Embalo raped her in her room. Later that year, the girl revealed what had happened, and Embalo was arrested on November 5.

He took DNA from him and linked him beyond doubt to the crime, according to Cambridgeshire police. However, Embalo pleaded not guilty, stating that the evidence linking him to the crime was witchcraft. During his trial at the Huntingdon Law Courts, Embalo changed his guilty plea on October 18, 2021. On January 27, he was sentenced in the same court.

Demba Embalo Age

The age of Demba Embalo is 21 years.


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Embalo received a prison sentence of three years and eight months, plus a ten-year Sexual Harm Prevention Order (SOPO). DC Sarah Seston, who investigated, said: “I would like to congratulate the survivor in this case for supporting the investigation.” The judge commented on her maturity and how impressed she was with the way she handled it, comments I wholeheartedly echo.

‘Embalo was a predator who saw an opportunity in a vulnerable girl. He pleases me that he is no longer a threat. A SOPO is an order that can be requested by the police or the court when there is a specific concern about an individual, to prevent them from participating in a particular activity.Read More….

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