Why Hunter Moore banned from all social media platforms

Last year, Netflix released a documentary, titled ‘The Most Hated Man on the Internet’, which tells the story of how Hunter Moore , who described himself as a “professional life wrecker”, and his website, ” Is anyone awake?” shot down. The “revenge porn” website created in 2010 ran successfully for two years, helping Moore earn thousands of dollars each month and victimizing more than 40 people before it was finally shut down. Why Hunter Moore banned from all social media platforms?

The 2022 Netflix documentary borrows its title from a Rolling Stone article that described Moore as the most hated man on the internet. It follows the story of how the mother of one of the victims of Moore’s website took it upon herself to fight and take down the most hated man on the internet, who had managed to ruin several lives using loopholes in the legal framework, claiming that his website was protected by the same laws as Facebook.

Hunter Moore was arguably the man who started the practice of revenge pornography, through his website, Although the practice of leaking nude and sexually explicit images of people by their exes as revenge had existed in the past, it increased in popularity after 2010. “Revenge porn” was the business model followed by Moore’s website: Anyone could upload someone else’s explicit content without their consent and to make matters worse for the victims, more often than not, their details were shared along with their videos or nude photos, linking their other social media identifiers.


The ridicule and humiliation that the victims faced due to the content of the website only boosted Moore’s morale, it was as if he was enjoying a sadistic activity while earning thousands of dollars from it. According to The Rolling Stone article that gave him the name “most hated man on the internet,” Moore responded to the cease and desist letters with a simple “LOL.” He had been permanently banned from Facebook, received death threats, was stabbed with a pen, was blocked by PayPal, and was even attacked by the hacker group Anonymous; However, claiming that his site was protected by the Communications Decency Act of 1996, as was Facebook, Moore continued with his site. The 1996 law did not allow websites to be held responsible for user-submitted content.

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However, his notoriety came to an end in less than two years, after his desire to expand the reach of content on his site led him to hack, and the FBI took matters into their own hands. . The mother of one of Moore’s victims, Charlotte Laws, conducted a two-year investigation that collected evidence from more than 40 victims and turned it over to the FBI. In 2012, he, along with a hacker named Charles Evens, went under the federal agency’s radar, and the same year, Moore sold his website to, an anti-bullying group led by former Marine James McGibney. All pornographic material has been removed from the website and users who visit the website are redirected to

Where is Hunter Moore now?

After being arrested by the FBI, Moore was indicted in California federal court on January 23, 2014, on charges of conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer, and aggravated identity theft, Esquire reported. He was forced to dismantle the files he had for his website’s database. On February 18, 2015, Moore pleaded guilty to the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, admitting to aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting unauthorized access to a computer.


On December 2, 2015, Moore was sentenced to two and a half years in federal prison, followed by three years of supervised release. He was released from prison in May 2017 and lives a quiet life out of the public eye. Moore has also been permanently banned from all social media platforms.Read More…..

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