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For nearly 20 years, the families and friends of murder victims Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz have begged for justice, and it seems their wait will soon be over when confessed killer Steven Lorenzo returns to a Tampa courthouse to learn his fate. After years of mocking the death penalty, court delays and denial, Lorenzo, who was serving a 200-year federal sentence on drug-related charges, stopped fighting the double homicide charges against him and pleaded guilty. of torturing and killing Galehouse and Wachholtz at their Seminole Heights home and asked to be sentenced to death.

In December 2003, Jason Galehouse was working at a flower shop while studying interior design at Hillsborough Community College. The 26-year-old had recently moved to Tampa from Sarasota and seemed to have his whole life ahead of him when he disappeared. According to the Charley Project, Galehouse was a regular at the gay nightclub 2606, which was located in the 2600 block of Armenia Avenue in Tampa.

In the early hours of the morning of December 20, 2003, Galehouse went to the club with his roommate. At around 2:45 am he told his roommate that he was leaving with two white men he had just met. His roommate, who says he did not see the two men, never heard from Galehouse again. Wachholtz disappeared the following night. He was last seen at his Tampa apartment, which was not far from the 2606 nightclub where Galehouse disappeared.


Steven Lorenzo Age

The age of Steven Lorenzo is not known.

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Steven Lorenzo incident deatail

According to the Charley Project, Galehouse and Wachholtz did not know each other, but were members of the same online chat and dating service. They also reportedly frequented gay bars and nightclubs in the Tampa area. On January 6, 2004, Wachholtz’s body was discovered wrapped in a sheet and stuffed in the back of his 1992 Jeep Cherokee SUV in a Town ‘N’ Country parking lot. Galehouse has never been found. In May 2004, an affidavit accused Lorenzo of drugging Galehouse and Wachholtz, sexually abusing the men, and causing their deaths.

In November 2005, a jury reportedly found Lorenzo guilty of slipping the date-rape drug GHB into the drinks of nine male victims and torturing them in his home. The seven surviving victims testified that they met Lorenzo in bars and lost track of their drinks or asked Lorenzo to serve them drinks before they lost consciousness.


The men said they woke up naked and in pain, some remembering slavery or forced sex and others with no recollection of what happened. Lorenzo’s lawyer argued that the acts were consensual, but he was sentenced to the maximum sentence of 200 years in federal prison. Scott Schweickert, who was identified as an accessory to the act, received 40 years in prison for his role in the crimes.

Although investigators connected Schweickert and Lorenzo to Galehouse and Wachholtz, the pair were not immediately charged with murder. That changed in 2012 when prosecutors charged the men with drugging, torturing and killing Galehouse and Wachholtz and disposing of their bodies. In June 2016, Schweickert accepted a plea deal in the Galehouse and Wachholtz cases. In exchange for pleading guilty, Schweickert was sentenced to life in prison and agreed to testify against Lorenzo. The life sentence was added to the 40 years he was already serving for the GHB-related charges.

According to the Charley Project, Schweickert admitted that he and Lorenzo conspired to meet single gay men, turn them into “sex slaves,” and then kill or sell them once they had enough of the men. Schweickert said he and Lorenzo met Galehouse in 2606 and convinced him to return to Lorenzo’s house in Seminole Heights to have sex. The pair then killed him together, dismembered his remains with a power saw, and dumped his body parts in dumpsters all over the city.


Police reportedly found Galehouse’s blood on Lorenzo’s garage floor, supporting the Schweickert dismemberment story. Schweickert and Lorenzo reportedly met Wachholtz at the same club the following night, spiked his drink with GHB, and killed him. Lorenzo took a different approach to the double murder accusations than his co-defendant.

Instead of confessing to the murders and accepting a plea bargain, he decided to represent himself and spent more than a decade playing the justice system and claiming his innocence. Lorenzo repeatedly delayed court proceedings by complaining about not obtaining evidence and accused prosecutors of hiding some of it.Read More…..


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