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This is the horrific moment a drunk driver who exceeded the limit four times ran over an elderly cyclist before continuing to drive his 4×4 over the pensioner as she lay in the road. Steven Selwood, 43, left the woman in her 70s with life-changing injuries after ramming her. She was cycling at a crossroads in Haslemere, Surrey, last May when Selwood spun off a side road and struck her in broad daylight.

Selwood not only knocked her off the bike, but he continued forward, crushing her under the wheels as she lay on the ground. A member of the public stopped his car, but Selwood drove off before walking back to the scene. He was identified by witnesses and detained by the police. Today Surrey Police are releasing graphic footage of the moment Selwood punched the victim and then flipped his vehicle over his body.

As Selwood drove from a car park exit onto a road in Haslemere, Surrey, he failed to relent and hit the woman riding the bike in front of him. Since the accident on May 12 of last year, the victim is still suffering from life-changing physical and mental injuries. The victim allowed the images to be published as a warning to others about the impact of driving under the influence of alcohol.


At Guildford Crown Court on April 28, Selwood, who lives in Haslemere, was jailed for two years and three months. He too has been banned from driving for three years after being found guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving and driving whist over the alcohol limit. The woman described how she can no longer do many of his hobbies and is now afraid to go near traffic.

Steven Selwood Age

The age of Steven Selwood is 43 years.

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Steven Selwood accused of crashing an elderly woman

In an impact statement read in court, she said: “My sense of loss runs deep, my trust in my world evaporated, my sense of hope gone.” Not a night goes by without nightmares. My life has changed considerably since my cycle was removed. ‘I used to be outgoing, talk a lot to others, go to church, go backpacking. I did my own DIY and gardening.


“I was never scared by traffic like I am today, I was absolutely terrified with a strong feeling that it was going to happen again. My worst fear now is that my left leg won’t support me due to the weakness that is happening more these days, plus my mental state is not very good. ‘I don’t laugh anymore. Everyday events overwhelm me and I can’t deal with multiple problems.’

Surrey Police Investigating Officer Sergeant Joe McGregor warned of the dangers of drink driving. He said: “This video is shocking to watch, but it can serve as a stark reminder of the dangers posed by those who choose to drink and drive.” ‘The victim would like to express her gratitude to the members of the public who stopped Selwood’s vehicle.

‘The victim in this case has been physically and mentally scarred for life and has courageously said that he wants his case to be a warning to anyone who thinks it is acceptable to drive under the influence. It is not. You are putting your life and the lives of others at risk. “Alcohol limits are there for a reason and if you know someone is driving over the limit or after taking drugs, call 999.”Read More……


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