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A man dressed as a woman was allowed to stay in a women-only dormitory at a shelter forcing a ‘terrified’ domestic abuse survivor to find alternative accommodation late at night. The man, who booked a room in a women-only dormitory at the Astor Victoria Hostel in Pimlico under the name Alisson, was seen by female occupants lying topless on his bed displaying their male genitalia.

Sue Boardman, who suffered 23 years of horrendous domestic abuse, spoke of her horror after discovering that the women-only dormitory she checked into was occupied by a man. The 55-year-old from Shropshire had traveled to London for two nights on May 28 for the Let Women Speak event, which covered the importance of safe spaces for women.

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She told The Sunday Telegraph: “I was about to go to bed when one of the other women informed me that a man dressed as a woman had been discovered lying on the bed, with his male genitalia visible.” “They said they had complained and the shelter had agreed to move him, but he was out for the night and his stuff was still there.” “So he was terrified that he could come back at any time.


“The goal of reserving a female-only room was for the safety and protection of any male. “I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or if it was hostel policy to allow males who identify as female to stay in female dorms.” She added: “I had a panic attack and I got out of there as fast as possible.” Ms Boardman was forced to spend hundreds of pounds to find alternative accommodation late at night.

Astor Hotels offered Ms Boardman a 50 per cent refund as a goodwill gesture after she filed a complaint, but this left her feeling insulted. Ms Boardman said: “I am very afraid that the safety of women and girls everywhere is being put at risk by men who are not truly trans but who are deliberately encroaching on women-only spaces.”

“It’s ironic that I was in London to attend the Let Women Speak event, where we were discussing safe spaces, and then I experienced exactly the sorts of things so many women are concerned about.” The peaceful women’s rights event, which was held last month, was disrupted by violent masked trans protesters carrying banners reading ‘arm trans children’.


According to an Astor Hotels spokesperson, a mistake at the front desk led to the man checking into the wrong room. The spokesperson said: “As soon as our staff became aware of this issue, the guest in question was moved to a mixed dormitory. “Our policy for women-only dorms is that only those who are legally recognized as women can stay in them.”Read More……


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