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Five suspects have been charged and Ahliyah Turner and Kiara Beale are arrested in connection with an assault on 7-Eleven employees in Texas after the workers refused to sell a cigarette to a minor, authorities said. Investigators arrested two adults and three minors who were allegedly seen on video during the June 3 incident at the 7-Eleven store on Faithon P. Lucas Boulevard, the Mesquite Police Department said Friday.

Ahliyah Turner and Kiara Age

the age of Ahliyah and Beale is 19 and 21 year.

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Charges on Ahliyah Turner and Kiara Beale

The two adults were identified as Ahliyah 19, of Garland, and Kiara Beale, a 21-year-old woman from Dallas. Turner was charged with warrants from another agency, while Beale was charged with assault with bodily harm.


The three minors were charged with two counts of assault, criminal damage and robbery. The attack was videotaped after the clerk refused to sell tobacco products to an underage girl, who later returned with several other minors, police said. Video shows some of the suspects jumping on the counter, assaulting the clerk and throwing objects at him.

Ahliyah, 19, was one of two suspects arrested for her role in the 7-Eleven attack and Kiara , 21, was the other suspect arrested for her role in the 7-Eleven brawl. . When another worker tried to intervene, police said they were assaulted by the group. Both employees sustained facial injuries after being struck by some of the suspects, but did not require medical transport to a hospital for treatment.Read More…….

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