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Controversial transgender cyclist Austin Killips won a North Carolina race by a whopping five minutes, prompting the second-place finisher to declare his power “was not comparable” and suggesting a separate category for trans athletes.

Austin Killips, 27, who recently became the first openly trans woman to win an official Union Cycliste Internationale stage event, won $5,000 after coming easily to first place in the 131-mile Belgian Waffle Ride in Hendersonville on Saturday, Cycling News reported. Killips, who identifies as female, quickly took the lead in the women’s division before being briefly outclassed by Paige Onweller. Killips eventually stepped up and beat her by five minutes.

In third place was Flavia Oliveira. Tennis great Martina Navratilova, who recently criticized Killips for winning a race in New Mexico, reacted to her latest win by tweeting: “What a joke.” In a post-race interview, Killips described the “grueling effort” to emerge victorious.


Austin Killips Age

The age of Austin Killips is 27 year.

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Austin Killips won the title

“I’m really proud to put it on display and get the result. I asserted myself and was able to get a slot early,” she said. “We were all riding together for quite a while and, you know, I have a cross background and I’m going to attack these single track sections as hard as I can and I did. I hit him and was able to stay away,” Killips added. Onweller offered a diplomatic description of the race.

“Most of the day I was riding the three best women that were together, me Flavia and Austin. But yeah, I just couldn’t match, you know, Austin and some of the single track and power… just not comparable,” she said in an interview after the event. “So I stayed a little bit apart, maybe 50 miles from there, I was alone most of the time. I had a couple guys ride and yeah, it settled down and kept driving and yeah, I got second,” Onweller said.


But in a blog post, she said that she wanted to “address the many comments about the women’s podium at this event. “A transgender athlete won the women’s overall, which has caused some controversy. For those who follow women’s road cycling, you are aware of the UCI rule that this is currently allowed,” Onweller wrote.

Rather than share my personal views on the UCI rule, I think it’s more important to recognize that all athletes, no matter how they identify, should have a space to compete and race. Plus, under every helmet is a face and a person who deserves respect, dignity, and a safe space to ride a bike,” she continued. “In the future, I think a separate category may be appropriate, but event promoters are also learning what is best to preserve women’s cycling while also creating an inclusive space for everyone to ride,” Onweller added.

The athlete also noted that “these things take time and grace to work out” and said that she plans to “continue to support and attend BWR events in the future as I trust they will navigate this with respect for all riders in the future.” . Killips, who has been banned from competing under the governing body’s rules, was sentenced last month after winning the Tour of the Gila stage race in New Mexico.


“Transgender cyclist Austin Killips wins women’s race causes outrage this will happen more and more women’s sport IS NO PLACE for trans-identified male athletes,” Navratilova, 66, said in a tweet. The UCI defended Killips but changed its tune the day after Navratilova’s tweet, saying it would review its rules for trans athletes and “analyze the current situation”, with a new decision expected in August.

Killips’ rise to the cyclocross circuit was part of the reason 35-time winner Hannah Arensman recently retired from the sport. Killips had been accused of trying to run Arensman off the track at the UCI Cyclo-cross National Championships in December 2022.Read More……

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