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The Marion County Sheriff’s Office announced just before midnight Tuesday that detectives have arrested the neighbor who they say shot and killed an Ocala mother of four last week. The move comes nearly 10 hours after nearly 100 protesters took to the streets demanding that State Attorney Bill Gladson press charges. Susan Louise Lorincz, 58, now faces charges of manslaughter with a firearm, negligence, two counts of assault and battery.

Last week, Lorincz shot and killed 35-year-old Ajike “AJ” Shantrell Owens in her Ocala neighborhood. Marion County Sheriff Billy Woods said at a news conference Monday that Owens died at a local area hospital shortly afterward. He cited Florida’s controversial “Stand Your Ground” law as a reason for not filing formal charges against Owen’s neighbor at this time.

Lorincz was interviewed by detectives Tuesday night before being taken into custody. She claims that she shot in self-defense because Owens was trying to break his door down in a dispute involving Owen’s children. She claimed that Owens had attacked her in the past.


Upon further review of the case, Marion County detectives felt that Lorincz had no grounds under the “stand your ground” provision. Locally, Lorincz has no criminal record. She did not give up bail. Since then, the case has captured national attention. Noted civil rights lawyer Benjamin Crump and Anthony D. Thomas represent the family. Shortly after the arrest, Crump’s law firm released a statement.

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the age of Susan Louise Lorincz is 58 years.

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Susan Louise Lorincz accused of killing Ajike “AJ” Owens

“While we are relieved that the woman apparently responsible for the tragic murder of Ajike “AJ” Owens has been arrested, we are no less concerned that accountability has taken so long because archaic laws like Stand Your Ground exist,” he said. the notice. “What does it say when a person can shoot and kill an unarmed mother in the presence of her young children and not be immediately detained, questioned and charged? We will remain vigilant in seeking justice for AJ and other people of color.” like Ralph Yarl, who simply knocked on a door and was met by the barrel of a gun. We must eradicate laws like Stand Your Ground that only contribute to the lawlessness of our country and the disproportionate maiming and killing of people of color. This is an important step in a necessary journey towards justice for AJ.”


The sheriff also issued a statement Tuesday night. “I want to thank my detectives for working tirelessly to fully investigate this case,” he said. “I also want to thank the family of Ms. Owens for their patience as we conducted the diligent investigation that we were required by law to conduct. Ms. Lorincz’s fate now rests in the hands of the judicial system, which I trust will do justice to her in due time. When I go to bed tonight, I will pray for Mrs. Owens’ children and the rest of her family. I would ask everyone to do the same.”owens shot

On the evening of June 2, the Owens children were playing outside in their Quail Run neighborhood off County Road 475A, not far from County Road 484 in Ocala.

Family and neighbors say the Owens children, ranging in age from 3 to 12, were playing in a field when the suspected shooter came out and yelled at the children. The woman is accused of using racial slurs and ordering them off the property. At one point, family members say, the neighbor grabbed an iPad and threw a pair of skates at one of the boys, hitting him on the toe. Deputies were told Lorincz opened her door and hit them with an umbrella.


One of the boys went home to tell her mother, Owens, about the incident. He then walked over to the neighbor’s house and knocked on the door to address the problem. Deputies say Owens demanded Lorincz get out.

Police say that’s when the neighbor shot Owens through her door, hitting her in the shoulder in front of her 9-year-old son. She died at a nearby hospital that day. The next day a candlelight vigil was held for her. Before, the two had about half a dozen complaints between them in the past two years.

A GoFundMe campaign for the Owens family has been created and, as of Tuesday night, has raised more than $110,000.
A search for justice Detectives interviewed witnesses, including Owens’ children, about the shooting. They were interviewed at the Kimberly Child Protection Center Monday by professionals.


During the investigation, community members made repeated calls for action. Those demands grew stronger Tuesday when about 100 people marched through the streets of Ocala chanting “no justice, no peace” and “say her name.” At one point, about half of the protesters marched on the state attorney’s office, where he spoke to the crowd. Although the demonstration was mostly peaceful, Ocala police officials said two people blocked the highway after repeated warnings.Read More……


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