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An Iowa teenager who stabbed his father to death and used an ax to kill his mother in 2021 will spend the next few decades in prison before being eligible for parole. Ethan Orton received a life sentence on Monday with the possibility of parole in 50 years. Orton pleaded guilty in February to two counts of first-degree murder in the October 2021 deaths of Casey Orton, 42, and Misty Scott Slade, 41, at the family’s home in Cedar Rapids.

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The age of Ethan Ortonis is not declared.

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Ethan Orton sentenced

Speaking publicly for the first time since the murders, Orton expressed his regret for his actions, but said he had “made peace” with what he had done, CBS affiliate KGAN-TV reported. “I even said I’d give my left arm just to get them both back, see what I could do, but I had to realize that this is what it is today, and luckily I made my peace with that.” he said.


Police said Orton stabbed his parents and then used an ax on his mother when he saw that she was still alive. Officers found him covered in blood outside the home. He was 17 years old at the time, but was charged and tried as an adult. Orton told investigators at the scene that he killed his parents to “take over my life.”

Forensic psychologist Tracy Thomas, who has a doctorate in clinical psychology, testified that Orton sought acceptance and validation from his parents but felt rejected by them, according to KGAN-TV. Thomas said Orton killed them after receiving an email from Slade that she and her father would not be a part of Orton’s life after he turned 18, according to the station. Orton’s trial was delayed while he underwent a mental evaluation. He was declared competent to stand trial in November.Read More……

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