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A woman who murdered a man and tried to burn his body over a land dispute wrote cryptically about how a “summon went wrong,” according to authorities in Fulton County, Arkansas. Stacie Nicole Hickman, 30, is charged with first degree murder and abuse of a corpse. A felony charge with a firearm is noted on the affidavit but is not found in court records.

According to the documents, police received a 911 call from a man Thursday about a body lying at his doorstep on Briarwood Road. The Fulton County Sheriff’s Office responded and found the body of David Southerland. “The victim had at least one back injury and he had been severely struck in the head,” deputies said. “There was a piece of barbed wire around his neck and an attempt was made to burn his body.” The evidence included a “partial can of lighter fluid,” authorities said.

The 911 caller told authorities Hickman borrowed her white Ford Ranger. Southerland was there and Hickman asked him to follow her. Defendant allegedly left in the caller’s Ford Ranger and Southerland left in his white Dodge Caliber. The person he called said that was the last time she saw the victim. β€œHe stated that the van was returned the next day at about 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.,” the affidavit reads.


Stacie Nicole Hickman Age

The age of Stacie Nicole Hickman is 30 years.

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Stacie Nicole Hickman killed a man

According to the documents, another man who lived in a commercial building behind the house of the person he called said he heard the truck go in, but did not hear one leave. He walked to the location of the truck and did not see anyone. Both witnesses said Southerland left in his Dodge Caliber car. The victim and Hickman had been friends, according to authorities.

Authorities reported Southerland’s car as stolen. A police officer in Salem saw the victim’s Dodge Caliber outside the State Highway Department building on Highway 62 on Friday, according to the documents. Hickman was inside it and arrested her for burglary upon receipt, authorities said.


Fulton County investigators said they spoke to her and, after Miranda’s warning of her, she confessed to shooting and burning her body. She allegedly admitted that the murder weapon was a rifle that investigators found Friday in the Ford Ranger of the person he called 911.

“Stacie stated during the interview that David was trying to obtain land that he was supposed to obtain,” authorities said. On Wednesday, he allegedly texted his father: “Hey he’s on the property… [sic] I have a little problem but I fixed it through our loyalty to the land and Convo didn’t go well but let them know I’ll be there shortly I’m getting ready to shoot.

Her father sent her a text asking if she had returned the truck. It appears Hickman’s message was about the truck and the dirt, authorities said. Stacie Hickman said that she shot David Southerland with the rifle once, killing him and then attempted to burn his body,” they wrote.Read More……


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