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In a shocking development, a woman once known for her involvement in a failed multimillion-dollar horse show business with her husband now finds herself at the center of a chilling murder-for-hire case. Accused of offering a friend millions of dollars to carry out the murder of her ex-spouse, Mark Remley, Tatyana Remley’s life has taken a dark and unexpected turn.

This revelation comes in the wake of his already tumultuous separation from her. Beyond the chilling accusations, Tatyana faces firearms-related charges that further aggravate the complexity of the case. According to a criminal complaint obtained by Law & Crime, Tatyana Remley, 42, is accused of soliciting another individual to commit the murder of her ex-husband, Mark Remley.

The period of alleged solicitation runs from July 1 to August 2, casting a shadow over months that should have been marked by separation and healing. Ironically, the disturbing revelation came from a marriage that had already suffered a substantial breakdown.


The case has escalated further when the San Diego District Attorney’s Office filed firearms charges against Tatyana. On July 2, she was allegedly discovered with a firearm hidden in her car, a firearm that was not registered to her. Additionally, she faces charges related to carrying a loaded firearm in a public place without being the registered owner, further complicating the already perplexing situation.

Tatyana Remley Age

The age of Tatyana Remley is 42 year.

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Charges on Tatyana Remley

In an event that has surprised the community, Mark Remley shared that Tatyana had offered a mutual friend $2 million to kill him. This revelation came to light when the mutual friend quickly informed Mark of the shocking proposal. Authorities responded urgently, mounting an intricate sting operation that culminated in Tatyana’s arrest at a Starbucks in Solana Beach.


The Remleys’ history has been characterized by a tumultuous relationship and financial extravagance. Her participation in the Del Mar Fairgrounds “equine-human stunt show” Valitar in 2012 drew attention as the show’s sudden closure left performers without pay just before Thanksgiving. The crumbling of the Remleys’ marriage was a behind-the-scenes factor, as Erik Martonovich, the show’s former director, recalled telling Mark: “I told [Mark], ‘I don’t care about your personal life, I just don’t care.’ I want it to affect the show.

Among the details reported in the divorce filings was the claim that Tatyana Remley was “experiencing extreme financial stress” as she had “no income” and was “unable to maintain her realistic monthly expenses of just $12,000, much less [than ] what I was used to at $50,000.” Tatyana’s current Facebook profile stands in stark contrast to her once happier times captured in photos of her sharing smiles with Mark on horseback.

Her current situation means that she has been in the custody of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department since August 2. But Tatyana Remley’s Facebook page now lists her as “single” and a resident of Phoenix, Arizona, which is several hours away from Rancho Reposo, California. the Del Mar area residence where she and her ex-husband used to live together. The Facebook profile also includes numerous photos of a boy and a girl who appear to be the suspect’s children.


Tatyana has been in the custody of the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department since August 2. Although she qualifies for bail, her release remains pending a court order. Amid these events, Tatyana’s future remains uncertain. Scheduled for October 16, a “Preliminary Examination Preparation” hearing, followed by a “Preliminary Examination” on November 16, marks the next steps in this legal journey.

Represented by the Vista Public Defender’s Office, the case of Tatyana Remley continues to unravel, revealing a narrative as baffling as the people involved. Additionally, The Coast News reported that Remley also had a separate run-in with the law in June in a felony auto theft case.Read More…….

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