Teen arrested after killing Michael Brasel youth hockey coach and father in front of home

A husband, father of two, youth hockey coach shot in front of his home over the weekend while protecting his wife’s car from a robbery, was killed by a 17-year-old boy, Minnesota authorities allege. “I’ll tell you, if you commit gun violence in this city, we’ll come, we’ll find you,” St. Paul Police Chief Axel Henry said of the arrest, which came five days after the shooting of Michael Brasel. Police did not identify the teen, but described the suspect as a man “on suspicion of second-degree murder.” Teen arrested after killing Michael Brasel youth.

Police did not release further details, citing an “active and ongoing” case. If it is certified that the suspect will be tried as an adult, he will be named and photographed. However, it is not clear how long that would take in this case. Just this week, a separate murder case in St. Paul against a teenager was certified in adult court. The teen, then 15, is suspected of randomly killing a woman in Ramsey County in February 2022, more than a year ago.

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Teen suspected in killing Michael Brasel

St. Paul police credited “responding officers, investigators, SWAT, forensic services and video management units” for playing a “role in seeking justice for Mr. Brasel.” Authorities previously said a neighbor called 911 early Saturday after Michael Brasel was shot multiple times outside his home on Chilcombe Avenue in St. Paul, Minnesota.


“Just before 7:30 a.m. m., a 911 caller reported that his neighbor had been shot in the 2300 block of Chilcombe Avenue. When officers arrived, they located an adult male who appeared to be suffering from gunshot wounds,” the St. Paul Police Department said Saturday. “Officers secured the scene and called Saint Paul Fire medics, who transported the victim to Hennepin County Medical Center. The victim was pronounced dead at the hospital.” Brasel’s friend, Andrew McNattin, reacted to the arrest by saying that these were not the actions of a minor.

“It’s hard to think of someone sitting there for 60, 70 years as if he was 17, I’ll give you that. But it’s also very difficult for me to think about what his actions mean for that specific family,” he said. “He murdered a guy on the steps of his house at 7:30 on a Saturday morning. That changes the ballgame completely.”

McNattin called Brasel an “excellent human being.” The victim’s wife, Hilary Brasel, posted Sunday that she was “so honored to have shared my life with this incredible man for 23 years,” describing Michael as “one in a million.”


“Michael Scott Brasel was tragically shot in our front yard after confronting someone trying to break into my car. Always protective and a good man, he defended me with his last effort and his breath, ”he lamented. “I never thought he would wake me up with 3 shots, all of which hit Michael in the chest.

I never thought I would have to try to revive my husband with CPR while my kids called 911 and watched. I never thought we’d have to ride in a patrol car to help SPPD investigators find his killers. I never thought my kids would need a DNA sample to help remove the DNA from my car to catch their killer. I never thought I would tell Life Source that yes, Michael would help others with organ and tissue donation. I never thought that today was my last day to have him in my life.”

A GoFundMe campaign started on behalf of Hilary Brasel has raised more than $199,000 as of Thursday morning. “Michael will always be remembered for his unwavering love for his children, his unbreakable bond with his wife Hilary and his contagious spirit that touched the lives of everyone he met. He was a dedicated coach who inspired and encouraged countless young athletes to reach their full potential,” GoFundMe said.


On Tuesday, Hilary Brasel shared a local story about St. Paul residents putting their hockey sticks on their porches in tribute to Michael.Read More…….

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