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A popular lifestyle blogger with three young children has died in a shocking car accident. Diana Safarova was traveling home alone through Chishmy, Russia, after visiting friends when police believe another driver ran her off the road and acted recklessly.

As a single mother, she leaves behind twin boys, aged 5, and an older daughter, aged 7. She understands that they are now being cared for by one of her relatives while the family makes arrangements for long-term care for her.

Diana Safarova Age

The age of Diana Safarova is not declared.


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Diana Safarova cause of death

Having separated from her husband shortly after the birth of her twins, she became an online sensation when she shared her battle to regain her figure after gaining 14 stone (90kg) after the pregnancy of her

Her online success in Russia allowed him to rebuild her life and helped finance a trip to picturesque Dagestan last summer, which had always been one of her ambitions. She had also recently purchased her own apartment for herself and her family and had renovated it into her dream home.

When she lost weight, she also underwent a tummy tuck to remove excess skin and fat that had formed after childbirth. Her uncle, pop singer Anvar Nurgaliyev, shared a touching post on social media with a photo of her and her three children saying: “You were the sun in our family.”Read More……


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