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INDIANA: The family revealed that a 13-year-old Indiana boy died after committing suicide on March 6. Terry Badger III endured relentless bullying at his school that led to his tragic death, the family said. The baseball enthusiast was an outgoing kid who was motivated to make it to the professional leagues and play for his beloved St Louis Cardinals team. “This was an unexpected event where an innocent child took his own life as a result of bullying,” the family wrote on GoFundMe.

Also known as TB3, Terry played baseball for the Fury, Braves, Nitro, and teams representing his hometown of Covington, all seasons. He also played for the other local Covington teams. “Those who knew Terry knew him because of his love of baseball, fishing, hunting and spending time with his loved ones,” said fundraiser organizer Julie Pettit. “He was known for his contagious smile and caring, protective nature about him. He was kind, intelligent, had a heart of gold and was always looking for ways to make those around him laugh.” She further adds, “Terry was an amazing son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend.”

Terry Badger III Age

The age of Terry Badger III was 13 years.


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Terry Badger III killed himself

“Terry was eager to interact with anyone he met, regardless of his age,” his father, Terry Badger II, told ABC News. He recounted how his son was approached by a group of military recruits at a high school football game. He recalled how Terry walked up to them and shook their hands and thanked them for their service, and “everyone burst into tears.”

“However, he exhibited an early ability to relate to others, but he suffered relentless bullying at Covington High School,” the father said. “He was made fun of all the time,” his mother, Robyn Badger, said, according to the outlet. “[They] put him down, told him he was a loser.

They told him he was fat and he should kill himself. The kids told him he sucked at baseball. They made fun of every haircut he had. They made fun of him,” added. Terry’s father intervened twice and even met with school employees six months ago. However, he was told that there is nothing that can be done. “They are children and we are teachers and we cannot control everyone,” they told him.


The death was ruled a suicide on Thursday, according to the Fountain Fountain County coroner’s report, the outlet mentioned. In a statement, Brady Scott, superintendent of Covington Community School Corporation, said the district “is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of fellow Trojan Terry Badger” and announced an investigation into claims that Terry was bullied. Tony Badger, Terry’s uncle, recalled that Terry was proud of several of Terry’s accomplishments on the field, including throwing a pitch that exceeded 70 mph on the day of Terry’s death.Read More…..

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