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A soccer star formerly known for his unmatched speed on the field will go to jail for driving drunk at 156 mph in Las Vegas and crashing into a 23-year-old driver, causing Tina Tintor and her dog Max to burn to death in the horrific wreck nearly two years. Henry Ruggs III, now 24, admitted Wednesday that on Nov. 2, 2021, during his second NFL season, he got behind the wheel of his Corvette with a BAC of .16 (double the legal limit), drove 156 mph in a 45 mph zone, killed Tintor and his dog, and injured himself and his girlfriend.

According to the Clark County District Attorney’s Office, Ruggs’ guilty plea was for the “most serious charge he ever faced” under the law: DUI resulting in death. Because of that, Ruggs will certainly serve prison time and may serve up to 10 years, District Attorney Steve Wolfson said in a statement.

Tina Tintor Age

The age of Tina Tintor was not declared.


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Tina Tintor cause of death

“This result achieved our three most important objectives: (1) convict Henry Ruggs of the strictest charge allowed under Nevada law for drunk driving; (2) send Henry Ruggs to prison; and (3) remove the ability for him to appeal his conviction and prison sentence,” the prosecutor said.

DA Wolfson said that Tina Tintor’s family were the “most important people in this process” and that the DA’s office was in repeated contact with them before settling the case in this way. “On November 2, 2021, Henry Ruggs, while under the influence of alcohol and driving more than three times the speed limit, crashed his car into the rear of a vehicle driven by Tina Tintor, who tragically lost her life as Ruggs result. ‘

Actions. Ruggs and his passenger were transported to the hospital; therefore, standard field sobriety tests (FSTs), tests frequently administered during a DUI investigation to determine if someone is under the influence of alcohol, could not be performed at Ruggs,” he began. the prosecution describing the facts of the incident. “At the scene, law enforcement officers requested a telephone search warrant to obtain a blood sample from Ruggs (i.e., they called a judge and received permission for a nurse to draw Ruggs’ blood to determine if he had alcohol in him). his system). ”


The guilty plea on the main charge was particularly important, prosecutors emphasized, because proving that charge in court depended “virtually entirely on the outcome of the blood draw,” and Ruggs’ high-profile defense attorneys challenged that blood draw. blood. The prosecutor’s office said that if the defense’s motion to suppress the blood draw had been successful, it could have meant that Ruggs would spend little or no time behind bars [emphasis ours]:

“I recognize that this result is not enough to punish Ruggs for the loss the Tintor family has suffered, but there was legitimate concern that a court might have suppressed the blood draw result. We would have lost the felony DUI charge. We couldn’t take any chances,” said DA Wolfson. “This resolution sends Ruggs to prison for up to 10 years for a felony DUI and provides closure for the Tintor family.”

After his death, a law firm for Tina Tintor’s family said she was driving home from the dog park on that “fateful night.” “Tina was the love of her parents’ life, and also an adored granddaughter, sister and niece in a very close family. As a companion to Las Vegas, her absence is felt immensely by the Las Vegas community,” the statement read.


“Ruggs ended the life of a beautiful and prosperous young woman, and caused an immeasurable amount of sorrow, pain and sorrow for the Tintor family. This kind of pain is only felt when an innocent loved one is unexpectedly taken in such a horrific way.” Ruggs played wide receiver at the University of Alabama before being drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Los Vegas Raiders. The defendant was released after the fatal DUI accident.Read More……

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