Tory Lanez’s father, Sonstar Peterson

Tory Lanez’s father, Sonstar Peterson, promoted the wild belief that Jay-Z and Roc Nation had something to do with his son’s conviction. After the rapper was found guilty of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, Peterson screamed in dismay as he walked out of court recorded in a video that’s making the rounds on Twitter.

Peterson was also evicted from court during his son’s trial for interfering with proceedings while he yelled at prosecutors, calling them evil. He announced Desiree Perez as Roc Nation’s COO and Alex Spiro, Megan’s attorney on the streets outside of court.

“And the entire evil Roc Nation system, including you, Jay-Z. Megan signed with Roc Nation.” Peterson added: “I stayed here in Los Angeles and witnessed the worst miscarriage this world has ever seen. You want to know how I feel, I’ll tell you exactly how I feel.”


After deliberating for nearly 48 hours, the jury in the felony assault trial of Tory Lanez has rendered its decision. Lanez was found guilty of all three felony counts against her on Friday, December 23.

The ‘Alone At Prom’ singer was convicted of negligent use of a handgun, carrying a concealed firearm in his vehicle and felony assault with a semi-automatic firearm over shooting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020.

After he As the verdict was read, a disturbing scene involving Lanez’s father and stepmother occurred in the courtroom, according to Law & Crime reporter Meghann Cuniff.


Lanez, whose real name is Daystar Peterson, has five siblings from the same mother and father. The singer’s father, Sonstar Peterson, was married to Lanez’s real mother, Luella Peterson.

Luella was born on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curaçao. She later moved to Canada where she met Sonstar before moving to the United States. Lanez was still a child when Luella reportedly died of anemia.

Sonstar Peterson, Lanez’s father, was a preacher and traveled frequently for mission work. According to The Focus News, he married Wonder Terry Peterson when Lanez was a young child and did not tell any of his children.


One by one, they all left the family because they did not get along with their stepmother, leaving only Lanez, his father, and his stepmother. In addition, Lanez’s relationship with his stepmother was strained, causing him to move around a lot and eventually become homeless.

Lanez has spoken of his struggles after his mother’s death, as well as how he started using drugs and became a rebel. The turning point in Lanez’s life came when his grandmother kicked him out when he was 15 years old.

He used music as a survival mechanism after losing his mother. He put his all into it, worked hard and made the contacts he needed to be successful.


Lanez’s stepmother also yelled into the camera: “Beyoncé and Jay-Z, they have kids. Look, they’re putting other people in jail. They have kids. God is watching.” Throughout the court sessions, Lanez’s son and other family members were present.

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Tory Lanez’s father Sonstar Peterson

Lanez’s father then began to allege that specific witnesses were working closely with the prosecution. “I’ve seen so much evidence buried in this. I know exactly what the public will say,” he said. He believed that people would ignore him and say that he was only defending Lanez because he was his father, which he said was not true, saying he was “calling on all young brothers to get up… because you have soiled your children”.

Peterson had a large group of Tory Lanez supporters behind him. As he spoke, a woman yelled, “Free Tory.” Peterson continued: “It’s not over, God doesn’t lose.” A woman close to him said: “This is just beginning.” She added: “This court system is not for justice.

It’s about wins and losses. Jay-Z, let me talk to you.” “Because my son refused to sign a Roc Nation agreement with you. And Desiree Perez, wicked witch, snitch,” he added before mentioning an old court case of his. He then issued a warning: “We don’t shoot you with guns, but we know exactly how to bring you down in spirit.” A girl in the group yelled, “Roc’s nation tried to mess with my brother’s reputation.”


Earlier, Tory Lanez was found guilty of all three counts after he shot Megan Thee Stallion in the foot. The altercation took place in 2020 when Lanez and Megan were returning from a Kylie Jenner party alongside Kelsey Nicole.

A witness watched the drama unfold, helping the jury and judge reach a verdict in the case. Lanez is expected to face around 22 years in prison for assault with a semi-automatic weapon, keeping a loaded firearm in a moving vehicle and careless shooting.Read More…..

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