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This is the moment the Las Vegas Metro Police uncovered “the worst” case of child abuse they have ever seen, with six children being horribly abused, including two locked in a cage. Officers responding to a domestic violence call June 11 found two boys, ages 9 and 11, locked in a dog crate and four others severely beaten at an apartment near Flamingo Road and Valley View Boulevard. Married couple Travis Doss, 31, and Amanda Stamper, 33, shared the one-bedroom apartment with seven children under the age of 11, all of whom are Doss’s parents.

One of the boys had “two black eyes that were swollen shut, multiple marks and bruises all over his body, and was emaciated,” police said. The boy was in such a state that his father thought he had beaten him to death.

A seventh child, a two-year-old girl, the only biological child she shares with Stamper does not appear to have been present at the time. Doss has been charged with more than 40 crimes, including multiple counts of child abuse and sex trafficking of his wife. Stamper faces seven counts of child abuse, one for each child. The disturbing footage, first obtained by 8NewsNow, shows officers trying to enter the locked apartment before discovering the dire conditions inside. Once the officers entered, their flashlights revealed children locked in cages while a pit bull roamed free.


The officers removed the boys from the apartment in daylight, where they began to detail their abuse, including their father beating them with belts, ropes and even a frying pan. The emaciated boy in the cage said that he was not given enough food despite being a ‘big boy now’ and that he would have to share ‘a large McDonald’s fry’ with his siblings or eat food ‘in the garbage’. “He hit me in the face in the cage because I was crushed trying to get out of the cage because I didn’t do anything and I was scared,” the boy tells officers in the video.

Travis Doss Age

The age of Travis Doss is 31 year.

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Charges on Travis Doss and Amanda Stamper

The gruesome discovery came after police were called to a Walgreens store across the street from the apartment where Stamper was hiding from her husband because “he threatened to kill her,” 8News Now reported. Stamper told officers that Doss had shown her a photo of the boy in the cage and said that she had kicked him in the head so hard that she thought he was dead. Stamper reportedly told police that she believed the boy “had appeared dead for the past five days.”


She then told officers what they would find in the couple’s apartment. Stamper told 8 News Now that she was the victim of severe domestic abuse and that she was unable to seek help because she was afraid of Doss and retaliation from him if she did. I was abused too, not just them. I would use my children and my family if I ever called the police like I was going to look for my family and my children, he is a really violent person,” she later told the outlet. “I know they were terrified,” said Stamper, who is currently pregnant.

She said that she finally managed to call the police because she wanted them to be safe. “I’m sorry I didn’t do it sooner,” she added. Stamper’s public defender said she had not beaten the children herself, as “if she had done anything, she would have been seriously, seriously abused.” Prosecutors said they knew Stamper worked as a sex worker under Doss’ direction, but that she was aware of the alleged abuse. Both Doss and Stamper appeared in court on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty.Read More……..

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