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The judge said he will not sentence Fucci immediately, as statements are often read by many witnesses, family members or friends for the judge to consider before issuing a sentence. Fucci faces a mandatory minimum of 40 years in prison instead of an automatic sentence of life without parole. Because Fucci is a minor, the death penalty was not an option in the case. Tristyn Bailey

Her grandparents absolutely adored her and she spent a lot of time with them, even managing to get more attention from her grandfather as a baby than any sibling before her. As a daughter, Tristyn has always exceeded the expectations that were placed on her. She was dedicated and thoughtful. Stacy and Tristyn had many memories of joyous weekends and enjoyed a close bond.

Tristyn Bailey Age

The age of Tristyn Bailey is 13 years.


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Tristyn Bailey was killed

Ristyn’s best role may have been as a brother. She was always able to relate to each one of them. When one of them had something to do, she was the first to go with them. Brittney and Tristyn, despite being 16 years apart, were best friends and soul mates. She and Alexis shared a deep love for animals and spent a lot of time together. Alexis was almost a second mother.

As an only sibling, Teegan has a special bond with each of her sisters, and Teegan was able to bring out Tristyn’s serious side. They would talk about goals and aspirations and outline the work to achieve them. Sophia and Tristyn were easily described as the ying/yang relationship. From the moment Tristyn came into the world, they spent all their time together and were the best of friends.

Tristyn was heavily involved in competitive cheerleading. She was a base in the specialist groups and took her role in protecting her flyers very seriously. Her teammates remember the ever-present encouragement Tristyn would give them. Her coaches have been very appreciative of her willingness to fill in for injured team members in different squads until they can return.


Although Tristyn was a good student, she really excelled at connecting with her classmates. Many reached out and shared how when they were struggling to have a friend, she was the constant friendly voice that spoke to them, greeted them, and included them. The connections she made and developing many of them to further her spirit has been inspiring.Read more…….

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