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A Bristol district man has been charged in the death of his infant son by a “battered child”, telling police he had violently shaken the baby twice on Wednesday. Tyler Sullivan, 30, was arraigned Thursday on murder charges and two counts of aggravated assault. District Judge Frank Peranteau ordered him held without bail.

His 4-month-old son, identified in court records as TS, was pronounced dead Thursday shortly after midnight at Lower Bucks Hospital. Emergency medical staff took the baby to hospital after police and first responders were called to a house on Radcliffe Street to treat a child in cardiac arrest.

Tyler Sullivan Age

The age of Tyler Sullivan is 30 years.


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Tyler Sullivan charged with murder of his own son

The baby, police said, died before reaching the hospital despite efforts to resuscitate him. Police said the boy was not breathing and was cold to the touch when they arrived at the home.

The doctor who examined the baby found that he was blue and bruised on his forehead and had “battle bruises” as well as a bruise on his neck, right thigh and the underside of his eye. He also had head injuries and a cut on the right side of his nose. The doctor said in his experience that the baby’s condition was “indicative of an abused child.”

Sullivan told police that he violently shook TS twice, once on the morning of May 24 and again that night after giving him a bath, according to court documents. Sullivan said the bruises occurred when he hit the baby’s head on the rocking chair and hit the head on the bathtub Wednesday night while he was bathing the child, according to the probable cause affidavit. Sullivan also said he had shaken his son at least six more times in the past six weeks, the documents allege.


The boy’s mother was not charged, but she told police that while her son was in Sullivan’s sole custody, she noticed bruises on the boy’s body that were not consistent with the defendant’s explanations. On her Facebook page, the woman says that she is engaged to Sullivan and updated her photo with a baby photo in late February.Read More……

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