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The woman accused by a transgender Starbucks worker of being ‘transphobic’ says the entire row stemmed from her using the word ‘lady’ to describe a staff member without realizing she did not ‘identify as a woman’. Vanessa Thomas, 55, was seen on camera being yelled at by the trans shop manager near the ferry terminal in Southampton, Hampshire.

Ms. Thomas revealed to her family and friends that she had tried to pay for her coffee in cash, but was informed by a Starbucks worker that this would not be possible.

A trans branch manager then interrupted and said she could only pay with a card and Ms Thomas replied, “I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the lady behind the counter,” sparking the angry lineup. Since then, the Starbucks employee has been fired. and now the police have confirmed that they are investigating the incident.


A relative told MailOnline: ‘The trans Starbucks employee got very angry and told Vanessa that the person behind the counter doesn’t identify as a lady. And then it all started and she was accused of being transphobic. “The whole incident has left Vanessa very upset and distraught and she is currently on vacation recovering.”

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The age of Vanessa Thomas is 55 years.

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Vanessa Thomas accused of being transphobic

The 55-year-old woman, who lives in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, says the staff member “threw her belongings into the air” when she was physically removed from the cafe. The incident is believed to have been recorded by Ms Thomas’ partner, Mark Andrews, 60, who posted it on social media.


In response to the video, Ms. Thomas posted that she did not grasp the full gravity of what happened. She writes: “The store had cameras so I had to be calm, it was so much worse, he snatched my bag and tossed it through the air over the counter and picked me up and walked right through me.” she then she closed the door and broke the glass”, followed by two laughing emojis.

Ms Thomas adds: “Then she put on her coat and ran, I reported it to the police and Starbucks, she was off duty.” In another post, she writes: “She was in complete shock, I reported it to Starbucks and the police.” A family friend told MailOnline that the altercation started after a Starbucks employee told Ms Thomas that they do not accept cash payments.

The friend added: “Vanessa just said ‘Oh, another company doesn’t accept cash payments.’ A transgender Starbucks employee confronted her and told her that she had to pay by card. “Vanessa told him, ‘I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to the lady behind the counter.’ The Starbucks employee got very angry and told Vanessa that the person behind the counter does not identify herself as a lady. And then it all started and she was accused of being transphobic.


The friend revealed that Ms Thomas was left “distraught” and “shocked” by the incident and went on holiday to recuperate. During the angry confrontation, footage shows Ms Thomas defending herself and saying, “You’re rude, don’t ever call me transphobic, ever.” You don’t know me.’

In response, the transgender Starbucks employee says, “You’re calling me a man, you’re being transphobic, Karen.” Go away now.’ ‘Karen’ is a derisive slur imported from the US aimed at middle-aged white women. Feminists have criticized it as a misogynistic term. The conversation heats up, as Ms. Thomas insists, “don’t call me transphobic.”

The transgender employee then claps in Ms. Thomas’s face and denies her request for a refund, adding, “You’re transphobic, now go away.” Repeatedly, Ms. Thomas is told to “get out” and that she is “trespassing”, before the clerk appears to notice a man using his smartphone to film the encounter.
Without warning, the clerk steps forward and lunges for the phone, demanding that the man hand it over as he appears to assault him. In a post, Andrews reveals that he filmed the altercation and that seven other people witnessed it. He writes: ‘The situation happened so fast and what happened off camera was horrible! The world we live in, huh!


He adds: “I must be getting old because I feel like the world we live in right now is infested with snowflakes – you have a choice, be what you want to be BUT don’t shove it down my throat – live and let live! And buy coffee with cash!!I hope Starbucks takes care of this individual and the police take care of him. The video sparked heavy criticism on social media, with many users copying Starbucks’ Twitter handle and demanding answers.

Australian women’s activist Sall Grover shared the clip on Twitter, writing: “When women see men who think they are women in women’s spaces, they often get out as quickly as possible.” Activist Oli London also shared the video, tweeting: “Is this an acceptable way for staff to behave at Starbucks UK?”

Debra Gordon posted: ‘This person should be fired! They are there to serve customers, not to abuse them. Annabelle Bond wrote: ‘Please stop enabling this behaviour. No employee should treat a customer like this. Transgender artist Buck Angel added: ‘Haha, they’re falling apart fast! Wingnuts are being exposed. Others called the employee’s behavior ‘entitled’ and ‘unacceptable’Read More……


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