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A 3-year-old boy died Sunday after he fell from a boat and was struck by a propeller during a family trip at a state park in Utah, authorities said. Walter Greer of Salt Lake City was enjoying a day with his family at the Echo State Park Reservoir just before 4:45 p.m. when he tragically fell over the side of the boat, according to the state parks department.

“After falling, Greer was struck by the propeller in the rear of the boat,” Utah Rangers said in a statement. Walter apparently died on impact. He was pronounced dead after rangers retrieved him from the water. The horrific tragedy has left Walter’s loved ones “devastated by this loss,” the boy’s family said. “Walter was a happy, boisterous three-year-old with a great personality,” Walter’s aunt, Allison Meakin, wrote in a GoFundMe. “He loved Spiderman, trucks, boots and trains and he was excited to start preschool.”

Walter Greer Age

The age of Walter Greer was 3 year.


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Walter Greer cause of death

According to the family, Walter’s parents Alex and Doug, his two sisters, and several friends were on board and witnessed the horrific accident. Authorities said the group had been aboard a lake board-style boat for a day of water skiing when Walter fell over the edge. Although the incident is still under investigation, the Rangers suspect foul play and believe it was a catastrophic accident.

No one was under the influence and Walter was wearing a life jacket at the time. Walter’s death is the latest in a series of propeller-related tragedies. Last week, prominent New York book publishing executive Adrienne Vaughan was killed while on a family vacation on the Amalfi Coast when she crashed into the propeller of her family’s rented speedboat.

Vaughan and her husband jumped into the water after her skipper crashed into a large yacht carrying a wedding party. A week earlier, a 6-year-old Arizona girl was killed when her mother accidentally ran her over with a boat. The girl was swimming in the water unbeknownst to the 12-person crew she had been enjoying the day with when the spinning propeller cut her leg.Read More……


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