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Stockton suspected serial killer Wesley Brownlee of California, already charged with three murders, has been charged in connection with four more, authorities say. Brownlee allegedly began his spree of ambush-style killings in April 2021 and continued a year later. That’s according to a criminal record filed by San Joaquin County on Tuesday, December 27.

On April 10, 2021, Juan Vásquez Serrano was shot and killed, and Mervin Harmon was killed six days later, according to the charges against Brownlee. The men were killed just a few miles west of Stockton, in Alameda County.

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Wesley Brownlee Charged with 7 murder

Brownlee allegedly attempted to murder Natasha Jeanne Latour the same day Harmon was killed. She escaped. According to the documents, the alleged serial killer may not have fired a single shot until he allegedly murdered Salvador Debudey Jr on April 11 in Stockton. The petition alleges that Brownlee killed Paul Yaw in July.

Brownlee was arrested in October when police discovered him “on a mission to kill” as he drove through the streets of Stockton dressed all in black, a mask around his neck and a revolver at his side.


Although Brownlee was initially charged with only three murders, authorities later charged him with the attempted murder of Latour and the attempted murder of at least six of the victims.

Authorities now claim that between August 30 and September 27 of this year, he killed Lawrence López, Jonathan Rodríguez Hernández and Juan Carlos Carranza-Cruz, the New York Post reported.

Although police have not revealed Brownlee’s connection to his victims, CBS claimed that the alleged killer shared an apartment building with Rodríguez Hernández.


The 21-year-old’s body was discovered by police in the building’s garage. The reason why the murders occurred remains a mystery. According to police, none of the victims were robbed. Brownlee’s neighbor, Michael Wilson, who knew the suspected serial killer, says he never imagined Brownlee would be charged with such a crime.

However, he said that “it seemed like he had a little attitude problem sometimes. You just had to keep your space away from him.” Wilson added that Brownlee frequently got angry with neighbors who parked in his space and once threw a man’s wheelchair during an argument.

In addition, Brownlee also has a criminal record that includes traffic violations and drug-related convictions dating back to a 15-year arrest. Other charges against him include felony possession of a firearm and possession of ammunition. For now, Brownlee is scheduled to appear in court on January 3.Read More…..


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