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Dozens of women and girls have sued an Indiana gynecologist and former county health official who has already been deemed a “danger to the public,” accusing him of rampant sexual abuse, and lawyers say even more victims are expected to come forward. . William David Moore, a 76-year-old OB/GYN who has practiced medicine in Marion, Indiana since 1994, has been sued for medical malpractice by 83 patients between the ages of 15 and 73.

The lawsuit alleges Moore sexually assaulted them during routine exams, photographed their genitals without his consent and made inappropriate sexual comments, according to a report by local Fox affiliate WXIN. The lawsuit names Moore, Dr. Moore’s Women’s Healthcare, Ambulatory Care Center, and Marion General Hospital as defendants.

Moore abruptly retired at the end of 2022, shortly after allegations against him began to surface when a former patient’s Facebook post accusing the doctor of misconduct went viral, prompting a wave of women who came forward to speak out about sexual abuse. In January, the Indiana Attorney General’s Office filed a petition against Moore for the suspension of his license, calling the doctor “a clear and present danger to the public.”


William David Moore Age

The age of William David Moore is 76 years.

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Charges on William David Moore

At the time, Moore was charged with assaulting patients during pelvic exams, failing to wear gloves, and ordering unnecessary medical tests. The nurses also say Moore was known to have erections during vaginal deliveries, and medical staff often covered his lap to hide them. The allegations raised by the Jane Doe plaintiffs in the attorney general’s petition were graphic.

One patient, listed as “Patient A,” said that during a 2021 medical exam, Moore inserted a speculum into her vagina, took photos with an iPhone, then inserted his fingers into her and rubbed her clit in a sexual manner while giving her asked me to do kegel. exercises. Patient A says that after that, Moore had a medical assistant come into the room and take another photograph while he held his lips open.


Patient B said she detailed a medical appointment during which Moore allegedly asked if her boyfriend performed oral sex on her and then said, “Oh, you’re so pure,” before telling Patient B, “If you’re not sexually active in For the next few years, I’ll have to manually break your hymen because it’s hard for me to see.”

A Marion General Hospital nurse identified as A.M. she said her fellow nurses told her Moore often had to cover her lap during vaginal deliveries to hide his erections. The same nurse also said that a person who worked at a “cell phone store” told her that after she “gained access to the cell phone pictures, she found pictures of the external sexual anatomy of women.”

AM. says she reported these things to risk management at Marion General Hospital, but was told the hospital could not take action and would not be aware of any further investigation or action regarding Moore’s alleged erections during the vaginal deliveries.


Multiple alleged victims testified against Moore during his medical license hearing. The doctor refused to answer direct questions about whether he sexually assaulted his patients, instead claiming a Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination. In March 2023, Moore’s medical license was suspended. Moore has denied the allegations and said patient confidentiality laws prohibit him from discussing any patient’s specific care.

Moore became Grant County Public Health Officer in 2019, in which role he oversaw the environmental, food, nursing, emergency preparedness and vital records departments. At the time, he said that while he had no particular interest in public health, he came into office with the intent to address child poverty.

When asked about his role at the time, Moore acknowledged that he had what he described as a “very different” leadership style and maintained a high level of involvement. “I tend to be obsessive-compulsive, and I want to know everything and do everything,” he said at the time.


In their medical malpractice lawsuit, the plaintiffs allege not only that Moore himself is responsible, but also that the hospital is at fault for knowing about the allegations but failing to take steps to prevent or report the abuse. Lawyers for the 83 plaintiffs in the medical malpractice lawsuit say more victims are expected to sign on to the massive legislation.

Under Indiana Medical Malpractice Law, a doctor is liable for $250,000 in damages for any one case. In Moore’s lawsuit, each act alleged by each Jane Doe would constitute a separate and distinct incident of malpractice. The suit also asserts that Indiana’s two-year statute of limitations for medical malpractice claims is unconstitutional because the women who were victimized could not reasonably be expected to recognize the scale of Moore’s actions.Read More…….

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