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A man previously charged with kidnapping a missing New Zealand estate agent will also face a murder charge today. The 52-year-old man was initially charged with kidnapping Yanfei Bao and was taken into custody following his first court appearance on July 24, two days after he was arrested in the public area of Christchurch International Airport, on the island South of New Zealand. without suitcases and with an outbound flight to China booked.

Detective Inspector Nicola Reeves said the man, who has his name redacted, will now face an additional charge of murder, Stuff reported. Reeves said police investigating Bao’s disappearance would now like to ask the public for information regarding a tracksuit, a T-shirt and a shovel, of which they have released images. Police believe the items were disposed of in the Christchurch area sometime from around noon on Wednesday July 19 to around 5:00 p.m. m. on Saturday, July 22.
The shovel is new, Reeves said.

Yanfei Bao Age

The age of Yanfei Bao is not clear.


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Who killed Yanfei Bao?

Meanwhile, a specialist search party will return to farmland in Greenpark, south of Christchurch, and carry out further searches as part of the investigation. “We remain committed to locating Ms. Bao and returning her to her family,” Reeves said. The alleged killer’s car, a silver Mitsubishi sedan that had been the focus of police investigations, was found parked near the airport the same day he was arrested.

Bao was last seen at a house in Hornby, a Christchurch suburb, on July 19, where she was meeting a prospective client.At 11:16 a.m., she called a friend, Jin Tian, on the Chinese social media app WeChat. Bao asked how a Chinese buyer living in Christchurch could transfer $600,000 from China to buy a house..

Under the Foreign Investment Act, only New Zealand citizens and permanent residents who are “usually resident” can purchase property without restriction. However, Bao did not give Tian any insight into the immigration status of the client she was inquiring about. Sometime after 12:30 p.m., Bao’s silver Nissan disappeared from the street.


A car belonging to the 52-year-old man accused of kidnapping Bao was later seen on the street by two residents the same day. The silver Mitsubishi seemed to be parked at an awkward angle. A resident later reported seeing the car at 12:25 p.m.
Stuff understands that the man accused of kidnapping had been in New Zealand since March and may have been introduced to Bao because she wanted to buy a house for her relatives in China. Read More…..

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