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A Florida high school sports coach is accused of surreptitiously filming two teens in a sex act, authorities say. Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez 37, of Weston, was arrested Monday on charges including offense against students by an authority figure; soliciting a child to engage in an act that constitutes sexual assault by a custodial authority; and promoting a sexual performance by a child, according to the City of Doral Police Department. Ramírez-Martínez was a security monitor and part-time sports coach at Downtown Doral High Charter School.

Calling the coach “extremely dangerous,” Doral Police Chief Edwin Lopez said, “This is someone who victimizes students, who takes advantage of them, taking advantage of students who are of a unique age in their living hormonally, dealing with the pressure of social media, the pressure of different relationships,” reports NBC Miami.

Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez Age

The age of Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez is 37 years.


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Charges on Yuniesky Ramirez-Martinez

“You’re an authority figure in school, you’re supposed to train, you’re supposed to mentor, you’re supposed to guide these young men and women to the next phase of life and you’re taking advantage of them, because of us.” there’s nothing worse than that,” Lopez added. On February 14, Ramirez-Martinez allegedly approached two students at the school and asked the student if she was going to perform oral sex on the other student, according to a police report obtained by CBS Miami.

he said he could take them to a private room so they could “do whatever they want,” according to a warrant obtained by NBC Miami. he allegedly took the teens into a television production room and told them they could “do it” while she waited in an adjoining room, which had a two-way window, according to the court order, NBC Miami reports.

Video from the room allegedly showed Ramírez-Martínez surreptitiously filming the teens on her phone through the two-way window while one of them performed a sexual act on the other. “Subject then went into the next room, gave Minor 2 a ‘fist bump’ and encouraged both minors not to fall in love because they are too young,” the police report states, according to CBS Miami.


Want to keep up with the latest crime coverage? Sign up for PEOPLE’s free True Crime newsletter for the latest crime news, coverage of ongoing trials and the details of intriguing cold cases. He allegedly approached the student the next day and told her that she saw what she had done with the other student and that she wanted her to do it to him, according to the court order, reports NBC Miami.

When she asked him if she understood that she was under 18, he said yes, and that he likes minors like her, per the court order, according to NBC Miami. She said no, but he allegedly continued to ask her to perform the sexual act on him, according to the court order.

he then threatened her, saying she would tell the other teen they were having sex if she didn’t have sex with him, the court order alleges. On February 17, the teen told her director, Kim Ortiz, what had happened, and the director called the Doral police, reports CBS4 News.


“Mr. Ramirez was immediately terminated as an employee of Downtown Doral Charter Upper School and has NOT been at the school since the initial report,” the principal said in a statement obtained by NBC Miami. “DDCUS continues to cooperate with all law enforcement authorities and cannot comment further on the investigation.”

He was arrested and taken to the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, where he remains being held on $40,000 bond, according to online jail records. It is not clear if he has retained an attorney who can speak on his behalf.Read More…..

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