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NEW YORK: The grieving mother of Zackery Nazario who died while subway surfing in New York City, is suing the Metropolitan Transit Authority. The 15-year-old boy from Manhattan died on the Williamsburg Bridge on Monday, February 27.

Norman Nazario reviewed video on his late son’s phone that showed nothing preventing him from climbing on the roof of the J train where he hit his head, ultimately killing him. She plans to sue the MTA for failing to block the empty parts of the train used for challenging stunts, the New York Post reported.

Speaking about the footage Norman reviewed, he said: “[The videos] show he has easy access. No alarms, no security, no cameras, nothing!”, adding: “He was able to access anything on the trains, the empty cabins, the train stations, no one [was] looking. I was so surprised.”


Zackery Nazario Age

The age of Zackery Nazario was 15 years.

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Zackery Nazario cause of death

Norman stated that for decades, transportation authorities have been aware of teenagers riding on the outside of trains. However, they have not made any effort to take preventative measures or restrict access. Furious with the authorities, Norman said: “Don’t get me wrong, my son, he didn’t have to do what he did. But you knew that 10 years ago kids did this so easily. My son died. When are you going to do something?” adding, “Obviously I’m planning to sue.”

According to the New York Post, Norman mentioned that he wanted to discuss possible preventative steps for subway surfing with Mayor Eric Adams. Across the Williamsburg Bridge, Zackery rode with his girlfriend on the roof of a northbound J train. He fell under the train after his head struck a metal beam. According to police, when the teen was struck and fell, he appeared to turn his head back to look at his girlfriend.


On Friday, March 3, Norman cremated Zackery’s remains. She will move her deceased son’s ashes to her family’s apartment. “I’m going to take his ashes home. I want my son in his room one way or another,” Norman said. According to MTA data, between January and May 2022, subway riding incidents experienced a 560% increase.Read More…..

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