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Dramatic video shows the moment a car with a screaming 12-year-old girl trapped inside suddenly plunges over a waterfall in India, quickly followed by the girl’s father, who jumped in to save her despite not knowing how to swim. The ordeal was captured on Sunday in now-viral cell phone footage at the popular Lodhiya Kund waterfall near the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh state, according to The Times of India.

Zaunak Ali Age

The age of Zaunak Ali is 12 year.

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What happened to Zaunak Ali

The red Honda Brio is initially seen atop a cliff approximately 15 feet above a pond, having rolled backwards with the girl, Zaunak Ali, inside changing, the outlet said. Her father, Tayyab Ali, 40, desperately tries to open the car door as he rolls away, but can’t stop it from sinking with the bumper over the side and his daughter still trapped inside.


The father is seen jumping immediately after the car, flailing helplessly in the water as his daughter’s screams fill the air, the video shows. The people who were enjoying a picnic nearby seem to initially freeze in surprise, before jumping in to save the couple from drowning. “I am a good swimmer so I jumped right in,” one of the rescuers, 26-year-old mechanical engineer Sumit Mathew, told The Times of India. “The girl was still inside the car. Her father was the closest to me, so I decided to save him first and go back for the girl.

He added that other good Samaritans eventually caught up with the girl and took her to safety. Incredibly, the father and daughter were not seriously injured and were treated for only minor injuries. Police concluded that the accident occurred because the car was parked “very carelessly” on the edge of the cliff and its parking brake was not on.Read More……..

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