3 Hunters Found Dead In An Underground Repository Trying To Save A Dog

Three hunters tragically died trying to rescue a dog that had fallen into an underground cistern in Texas on Wednesday, local officials confirmed. The group of four had planned to meet up with a friend to go hog hunting when one of his dogs escaped from his truck and shot into a cornfield in Bastrop County, outside of Austin. 3 Hunters Found Dead In An Underground Repository Trying To Save A Dog, And Then Each Other

In the field, the dog fell into a hole that led to the underground tank and the three victims, identified as Delvys García, 37, a Florida resident, Denise Martínez, 26, and Noel Vigil-Benítez, 45, tried to save to the dog and then to each other. “It’s a sad day every time it ends like yesterday,” Bastrop County Sheriff Maurice Cook told reporters during a press briefing Thursday, USA Today reported.

“Can you imagine? You have loved ones and they come to Texas to hunt and then it ends like this, that it was a sad tragedy that just happened,” he said. The sheriff’s office said it responded to a report of three people trapped inside a hole. on the ground around 1 a.m. Wednesday morning. One of the hunting party members is believed to have jumped into the tanker to save the dog, the sheriff’s office said. The other two victims also climbed into the hole, “possibly to rescue the first person,” while the fourth person went to the truck to call for help.


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Incident detail

The level of the water in the cistern was well below the opening of the hole at ground level, preventing its escape. Cisterns are underground tanks commonly used to supply water to homes in rural areas. When responders arrived at the scene, they found an underground cistern partially filled with water emitting strong fumes, “similar to those from a septic tank,” the sheriff’s office said. There were no signs of life, they reported.

Responders registered high levels of hydrogen, a toxic gas. Cook told reporters the gas is believed to have affected the buoyancy of the water and caused it to sink rapidly, USA Today reported. “It wasn’t long in the tank before they went to the bottom,” he said. Recovery efforts were hampered due to the presence of the gas and concerns about the structural integrity of the tank.

Authorities first attempted to dig next to the structure and planned to dig through the side near where the bodies were found, but the effort was abandoned because breaking through the structure would weaken the walls and make the entrance unsafe, the sheriff’s office said. . The water was pumped out of the tank and the fumes from the cistern were ventilated and the authorities deployed a small drone to observe the integrity of the walls.


A transponder was then lowered into the cistern. The three bodies, as well as the body of the dog, were recovered at 7:30 p.m., authorities said. An autopsy from a local funeral home will determine the official cause of death. Cook said the cistern was on private property. The owner of the property, who was not identified, is believed to have died recently, he said.

Authorities did not release the name of the property’s owner. All the friends went to rescue each other, Cook said. The first man immediately jumped out and the other man and woman removed their shoes and clothing before jumping after him, according to USA Today. “That group was there to save each other,” he said. “That takes a lot of guts to jump.”Read More…..

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