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Alex Greene , the prime suspect in a mass shooting that took place in central Florida, has been shot and killed by a police officer. According to authorities, the 21-year-old man was fatally shot after a lengthy car chase and a carjacking incident. He crashed into a business in Winter Haven after the clash, which is near Lakeland, a city that witnessed mass shootings, injuring 11 people. Lakeland Police Chief Sammy Taylor said:

“We are very confident that he was, in fact, involved; to what extent we don’t know yet.” He added that detectives intended to arrest Greene on an outstanding search warrant to speak with him about the Jan. 30 shooting near downtown Lakeland, 30 miles east of Tampa. While investigators with the Lakeland Police Department, the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted surveillance, the suspect left in a van, the Lakeland County Sheriff said. Polk, Grady Judd, at a press conference.

Alex Greene Age

The age of Alex Greene was 21 years.


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Alex Greene cause of death

Lakeland police followed him as Police Capt. Eric Harper drove an unmarked vehicle and tried to stop Greene. Judd explained by saying, “so we don’t have this chase on a busy highway,” Judd said. The officer was able to successfully perform the maneuver in the pit lane and Greene discarded his vehicle and began running into traffic, ABC News reports. The fact that he and the captain didn’t get hit is just the grace of God, because traffic was everywhere,” Judd added. Greene saw a woman standing outside her car in front of a restaurant with the car unlocked and tried to steal the car.

According to the official press release, “Greene pushed the woman and got into the car. Harper approached with her gun drawn, yelling orders for Greene to stop and show her hands. Judd further said: “Captain Harper also loudly identified himself as a police officer. The suspect leaves in his car, drives towards Captain Harper, who shoots her six times,” Judd said. The car continues down a road, meanders through flower beds, and crashes into a building.

According to the Tuesday, February 7, press release, law enforcement performed CPR on Greene and immediately took him to a hospital. He was pronounced dead by the hospital team. “No one else was injured in the chase, for which we are all grateful,” Judd concluded. Two people were seriously injured in the January 30 shooting, while eight other wounded victims sustained non-life-threatening injuries.Read More…..


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