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The cloudy liquid cocktail consumed by a sex offender in a Texas court after a jury convicted him of sexually abusing a child has been revealed to be “sodium nitrate.” On August 11, 2022, Edward LeClair , 57, began gulping down the drink after the jury found him guilty on the first count and continued to do so while the remaining charges were read.

LeClair and his attorney were waiting to hear the decision in the 16th District Court in Denton, Texas, when LeClair began swallowing the water without anyone in the courtroom knowing what he was actually drinking. Although the toxicology report was expected, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s office told the Daily Mail on Tuesday, February 7, that the way LeClair died was a suicide.

According to the Denton County Jail, the outlet mentioned that LeClair had been charged with five counts of child sexual abuse against a single victim that occurred in 2016. It is unclear how much sodium nitrate was ingested. Leclair was held in 2018 on $30,000 bail. Monday saw the start of jury selection at the Denton County Courthouse building. First Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck of the Denton County District Attorney’s office said things seemed regular at first.


Edward LeClair Age

The age of Edward LeClair is 57 years.

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Edward LeClair cause of death

“The jury comes in and takes their seats,” Beck said, describing how the incident began to WFAA. “The defendant and his lawyer stand. The jury delivers the verdict to the judge, who then begins to read.” Leclair had been found guilty of all five counts of child sexual abuse, according to Judge Lee Gabriel, who was deputizing for Judge Sherry Shipman in the 16th District Court.

“It was during this process that he had a bottle of water with him on the lawyer’s desk and he drank it,” Beck told the outlet. “It wasn’t like he was just taking sips of water. He was literally dropping it, if you will.” Prior to that, Leclair had not drunk from the bottle, but only after Judge began reading the guilty verdict.


“I looked and I noticed him drinking,” his attorney, Mike Howard, told NBC News. “His hand was shaking. At the time, I thought he was shaking from the verdict. Then he kept drinking and drinking.” The issue was ‘peculiar’, but the people in the courtroom didn’t think this was unique either.

After escorting the jury out of the courthouse and returning Leclair to his holding cell, the detectives decided to check on him due to his unusual behavior in the courtroom. Leclair was found looking “gray”, according to Beck and was soon pronounced dead according to a report. Beck said Leclair’s water bottle was taken as evidence.Read More…..

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