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Alinity Divine Wiki – Alinity Divine Biography

Natalia Mogollon born January 10, 1988 and age  is 35 year, better known online as Alinity, is a Colombian OnlyFans model, Twitch streamer, and YouTuber known for playing games such as World of Warcraft and Apex Legends. Alinity Divine began streaming on Twitch in December 2012 and uploaded her first YouTube video of her in April 2013. She is known for streaming Apex Legends. Since March 3, 2021, she has started creating content related to cooking.


She has a younger sister named Valentina Mogollon and a brother. She has two cats named Maya and Milo. She has two dogs too. She has also worked as a nurse for over four years while holding a nursing degree from the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. In May 2018, Alinity asked on her stream if she could copyright PewDiePie’s channel for calling her a Twitch thot. She also boasts that she made $700 from a company known for copyright-infringing YouTube videos called CollabDRM. In a later-deleted Twitter statement made by Alinity, she blamed “rampant sexism in online communities” and argued that PewDiePie’s comments demeaned women.

Net Worth

Alinity Divine has an estimated net worth of around $800k to $1 million. She has multiple avenues through which she earns money.


Alinity Biography

PewDiePie then responds with a video titled “Can we remove Pewdiepie’s copyright?” where she apologizes for insulting her and says that she never meant to upset people with videos of her, and that “stupid Twitch Thots” was just a joke. The PewDiePie video has been taken down for copyright. Alinity then released her video response of her blaming CollabDRM for removing the PewDiePie video. Immediately after, Alinity’s video response was taken down by someone dubbing himself ‘Pewdiepie’ for the takedown, not actually PewDiePie. Removed fake hit.

A few days later, PewDiePie posted a video titled ‘BAN PEWDIEPIE’ where she criticizes Alinity’s content, stating: ‘I didn’t say anything until I was forced to defend myself. It was the internet that came after Alinity for her poor choice of action and her poor choice of words. To reflect that on myself and my community is just ridiculous. She keeps playing the victim, because she keeps getting away with it. Twitch has shown a bias towards female streamers for a long time. Stop broadcasting for a few days because the situation is not improving.

In July 2020, Alinity was interviewed by HealthyGamerGG’s Dr. K where he says that she and PewDiePie are on good terms now. PewDiePie reacted to the interview on a live stream by saying that he doesn’t care if he and Alinity are on good terms, but as long as she owns up to her past mistakes, she’s fine. The controversy surrounding the two was brought up again in a Reddit post in September 2020, where PewDiePie commented on it saying that she privately messaged him to resolve her issue. She also tells people to stop bringing up this incident because it happened years ago.


In 2019, Alinity was accused of mistreating her pets, especially her cat. Once on the broadcast, viewers saw her throw her cat off her shoulder. She addressed the situation by saying that she didn’t actually throw the cat, she tried to put the cat on top of her chair, but the cat fell off.
Feeding her cat vodka She brought up an old clip of her broadcast where she supposedly fed her cat her vodka. She has said that the cat was the one who licked her lips. She has also said that she used to feed the cat with her own mouth and that at the time she was drunk, so there are no excuses.

Alinity Relationship

With her entire life on camera for all to see, it’s no surprise that Twitch streamers experience intense speculation about their love lives, and popular streamer Alinity Divine is no exception to this rule.

In fact, Alinity addressed rumors that she and her moderator were romantically involved, as stated during a broadcast on May 3. Her moderator ‘Chronic’ brought food while Alinity chatted with her audience, prompting her to invite her. transmission settings and explain the details of their relationship.Read More……..


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