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In a shocking turn of events, a Jackson Heights woman Stephanie Quinones , who was partying inside an illegal nightclub in Queens, died after collapsing. Stephani Quinones’ family claimed that club workers dragged her to a back room where she was left without medication until she passed away. According to disturbing footage reviewed by the New York Post, bystanders were seen slapping the victim’s face as they appeared to revive her before she was moved backstage from the dance floor at the unnamed nightclub.

On July 31, Quiñones was celebrating her 35th birthday at the nightclub that does not have a liquor license, according to the State Alcoholic Beverage Authority. The bartender at the 49th Street club in Astoria sent a photo of an apparently unconscious Quinones to her mother in Florida.

Stephanie Quinones Age

The age of Stephanie Quinones was 35 year.


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How Stephanie Quinones was died?

Instead of calling 911, the bartender began texting the victim’s sister, Jasmine Gonzalez. “Come pick up your drunk sister,” the message said, according to González, who lives in the Bronx. González, who was unaware of how horrible the situation was, arrived at the scene two hours later and called 911. However, the club workers left the scene and locked González inside the club where she found Quiñones dead. “She was doing compressions on a dead man. They all left me alone. Nobody even had the decency to stay,” said González. The workers closed the doors of the New York club, leaving Quiñones and González inside.

Before the first responders arrived, the club employees closed the door. “They all left because they didn’t want to be the ones there when the Paramedics then transported the victim to Mt. Sinai Hospital. According to the New York police, authorities investigated a person who was pronounced dead after she arrived at the club premises that same night. However, they did not identify the victim by her name.

Someone would still have her mother if they just called 911. What hurts me the most is that not only did they not call 911, but it was cruel for me to go there, giving me hope that she was alive,” she said. Gonzalez. After Quiñones’ death, her family created a GoFundMe campaign that had raised nearly $25,000 as of Saturday morning, Aug. 13.


The victim’s family and friends shared that they found clips on social media showing Quiñones lifeless on the club’s dance floor. “These Instagrammers are circulating all this shit. Everyone is recording videos, so they do everything except call 911,” said Talea Wufka, a family friend and activist.Read More……..

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