Allen mall shooter’s social media account

TEXAS: Mauricio Garcia, the suspect who fatally shot eight people at an Allen mall, posted neo-Nazi content on the social media site, according to authorities. His profile photo on the website was reportedly a smiley face with a Hitler mustache. The website’s content glorifies Nazis and murder. His account had no friends or comments on his many posts. Allen mall shooter’s social media account.

Investigators have not revealed the motive for the shooting, but his social media account clearly indicates that for more than three years, Gargia had a Nazi fixation. In what appears to be a warning about the shooting at the mall, Garcia uploaded a series of images outside the H&M entrance of the Allen Outlet Mall on April 16. This is where he later opened fire, killing eight people. Screenshots of a page documenting the mall’s busiest hours were also posted. There was location data showing at least two previous visits to the mall.

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Allen mall shooter’s social media account detail

Images posted to the account in April showed body armor loaded with magazines for a rifle, The Daily Beast reported. The vest, which was bulletproof, had a patch reading ‘RWDS’, an acronym for the phrase ‘Right Wing Death Squad’. The phrase is popular among right-wing extremists and white supremacist groups.


The account posted images of a torso, believed to be Garcia’s himself, with a swastika tattoo and Nazi SS bolts. A legend spoke out against “diversity”. Photos were also uploaded of a hand that appeared to have the same tattoo as Garcia’s and a photo of a receipt for various weapons that was uploaded in January with the name “Mauricio.”

Some of Garcia’s posts addressed his Hispanic heritage. In one, he talked about how Latinos are white. He quoted white supremacist Nick Fuentes as saying, “Damn, Nick Fuentes said something like that while he was at the pearl show,” he wrote. “I think I even read on the news that Hispanics could be the new white [sic] supremist. Just the other day this black guy told me the line is blurring. He can’t tell the difference anymore. Someone would look white but [sic] he’s actually Hispanic.”

Garcia had posted photos of guns and ammunition, and his account was full of intolerance toward women, Jews, and racial minorities. There were photos of men and women giving Nazi salutes with the caption: “My kind of people.” He posted another photo of the barbaric Hillan dictator Augusto Pinochet and captioned it: “Pinochet did nothing wrong.” In a handwritten notebook, the suspected shooter said someone told him he looks “like the type of person who walks into a crowd and starts shooting.”


There were posts about romance and the lack thereof. “I don’t care about having a girlfriend anymore,” read one post. “I still want sex, but not a ‘girlfriend’ because I no longer believe women are capable of genuinely loving a man,” the alleged gunman said in the post.

The 33-year-old man was shot by a police officer who was in the area responding to another call on Saturday, May 6, 2023. Among the many injured, at least three remained in critical condition as of Sunday, May 7. Some of those killed and injured were reportedly children.

Social media users reacted to new developments in the case, with one user saying: “Something sucks about the whole thing.” “Does it even matter who he was? What did he think? Texas created him. Gave him the power and tools to do this. Texas owns this,” one user said.Read More…….


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