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COLORADO: Andrew Barroway, minority owner of the Arizona Coyotes, was arrested in Aspen, Colorado after he allegedly attempted to strangle his wife. The 57-year-old man was arrested on Thursday, March 23, and charged with felony and misdemeanor battery in connection with the incident. Barroway was the majority owner of the Coyotes from 2014 to 2019. During this time, he sold his majority stake to Alex Meruelo. Barroway is reportedly married to Elyse Sitner Barroway, but reports of the domestic violence incident have not named her wife.

Following the arrest, the NHL took to social media to announce that Barroway has been “indefinitely suspended” pending further investigation. “The National Hockey League is made aware of the arrest of Arizona Coyotes minority owner Andrew Barroway. Pending further information, he has been suspended indefinitely,” he said in a statement.

Andrew Barroway Age

The age of Andrew Barroway is 57 years.


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Charges on Andrew Barroway

A police affidavit says Barroway’s wife told authorities that “the first altercation started last night [Wednesday] before dinner when she and Andrew were arguing… She went to splash him with a drink and the bottle fell off.” slipped and flew towards Andrew.” she bottled and burst, sending him into a ‘rage,'” the affidavit reads, according to The Aspen Daily News.

“After further interviews, [the wife] clarified that Andrew knocked the bottle out of her hand. She then strangled her with one hand and threw her to the floor in the bathroom and a second time in the kitchen. Both events caused fear and pain, stating that she ‘saw stars,'” she added.

Barroway is currently a managing partner of the New York and Scottsdale-based hedge fund Merion Investment Management LP. He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. Previously, Barroway tried to buy the Devils and Islanders.


On Thursday morning, police were summoned to the Limelight Hotel in Aspen after a couple were reported to be fighting loudly. According to a hotel manager, Barroway apologized for the disturbance and closed the door, and the pair resumed their fight. “[The manager] called again and informed them that he is calling the police,” the affidavit says. “The man asked them not to call the police and they have been quiet ever since.”

The manager claimed the woman told a housekeeper that she was “not okay,” “scared,” “not okay” and “in pain.” The affidavit said that the officers “knocked several times and announced [themselves], but no one answered the door.”

“The hotel called the room and advised the guest to open the door,” police said. “Two people answer the door, Andrew Barroway and [his wife of him]. [The wife] seemed to be distraught as she was currently crying a lot, she seemed to have been crying for a while, she had bruises on her ankles, her knees, and blood on her hands.”


Barroway’s wife told police: “I don’t want to ruin my prenup with him, so I didn’t want to say anything bad about him.” According to Barroway, it was his wife’s birthday. He said that she had been to rehab twice and claimed that they were going through a divorce but trying to be together. The couple were reported to be having a fight over Barroway’s will and child support.

Barroway’s wife reportedly suffered various injuries as a result of the assault, including bruises on her knees, ankles and one of her thighs. She also had dried blood stains on her neck and a cut on one of her thumbs. On Friday, March 24, Barroway was released on a $2,500 recognition bond. He too was issued a protection order and is now not allowed to have contact with his wife.Read More…..

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