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Comedian Andy Dick was arrested for public intoxication on Friday, January 13, and also for failing to register as a sex offender following his 2018 conviction for grabbing an Uber driver’s crotch. This is his second arrest in four months, as he is also charged with felony theft after being accused of stealing power tools from a garage in California.

The former ‘NewsRadio’ star was arrested without incident in Lake Elsinore, California. During the arrest, his records were reviewed and police found that the 57-year-old actor has not been up to date on his sex offender registry. Dick was transferred to a detention center and authorities are still investigating.

Following an Uber driver’s complaint to the Angeles County Sheriff’s Department about the comedian attempting to grab his crotch, the comedian was arrested in April 2018. He was ordered by the court to complete “52 sessions of Alcoholics Anonymous, 52 sessions anonymous reports of sexual compulsion, 12 mental health counseling sessions. sessions, and pay restitution to the victim”, after his conviction.


Andy Dick Age

The age of Andy Dick is 57 years.

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The robbery case for which Dick is currently under arrest is not the first time he has made headlines for his criminal record, including physical assault. In 2019, he was sentenced to 14 days in prison for sexual assault. He was arrested after he grabbed a woman’s butt while she was on a sidewalk as she walked past him. However, due to her overcrowding, he only spent one night behind bars.

His ex-boyfriend claimed that during an argument, the comedian hit him over the head with a liquor bottle and Dick was arrested after the altercation. He was also arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon after his fiancée Elisa Jordana claimed that Dick chased her lover with a metal chair.

In 2007, during an interview on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the comedian groped Ivanka Trump and was dragged offstage by Kimmel’s security. While Dick was intoxicated at a West Virginia bar in 2010, he was arrested for allegedly grabbing a man’s genitalia. In a disturbing incident in 2012, the film producer allegedly pulled down a 17-year-old girl’s top to expose her breasts and was arrested at the time. Later, he was sentenced to three years probation when he pleaded guilty to lesser drug and assault charges.


In 2018, Lena Sved, the comedian’s estranged wife, received a domestic violence restraining order against Dick that required him to leave the house and not stay within 100 yards of Sved and their adult sons, Lucas, 33, Jacob, 27 and Meg, 24. Dick has been open about his drug abuse and heavy drinking. He has been charged and arrested multiple times, making headlines for decades.Read More…..

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