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Authorities have released new audio and video footage, taken just before police fatally shot a double amputee last month in a Los Angeles suburb. Police shot and killed 36-year-old  Anthony Lowe black man Anthony Lowe for refusing to drop a butcher knife. In the video, Lowe is seen jumping out of his wheelchair at a gas station and stabbing a man in the torso who was walking in front of him in Huntington Park.

After the incident, the victim ended up tripping on a busy street, at which point the police were called to the scene. They ended up shooting Lowe as he was trying to escape. The officers responsible for Lowe’s death were later placed on leave. Lowe’s family previously announced that they planned to sue the city of Huntington Park for wrongful death and civil rights violations.

They said that when he was killed on January 26, he was in a mental health crisis and did not pose a threat to police because of his condition. At Huntington Park, the scene of the incident, no police officers are equipped with body cameras. Lowe’s family requested police release video of the incident from surrounding security cameras.


Anthony Lowe Age

The age ofAnthony Lowe was 36 years.

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Anthony Lowe cause of daeth

The Huntington Park Police Department played two surveillance images of the incident on February 6 during a press conference. A tape of the initial 911 call, in which the victim claimed that she was being stabbed by a suspect described as a black man in a wheelchair, was also played, as was audio from the police dispatch. “There is absolutely no reason to shoot a double amputee limping away from officers 11 times in the back,” said Annee Della Donna, an attorney for the family.

According to the BBC, Dorothy Lowe, Lowe’s mother, said that ever since he lost his legs five months ago, she had experienced difficulties. “I wouldn’t want any mother to have this feeling, to see this video and not get answers from the justice system,” she said.


During the press conference, Police Chief Cosme Lozano refused to respond to media inquiries. The distribution of the video, according to him, was done to achieve “the objective of advancing full disclosure and transparency of the events that occurred from beginning to end.” According to Lozano, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the shooting and the officers involved will remain on administrative leave while the investigation continues. The officers remain unidentified.

Police identified Lowe as a suspect in an incident that left the victim with “a life-threatening stab wound that resulted in a collapsed lung and internal bleeding,” according to a statement released four days after the shooting. The victim’s condition was later described as stable by police. They added that Lowe “ignored the officer’s verbal commands and threatened to advance or throw the knife at the officers.” According to police, Lowe was shot after making two failed attempts to stun him.Read More…….

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