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More details have emerged in the trial for the murder of 10-year-old Anthony Avalos. A pediatrician at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital testified Monday, February 6, that the boy, who died of physical abuse, was extremely malnourished when he was brought in for treatment, describing him as “skin and bone.”

The doctor reportedly said that all of the boy’s organs were failing when he was taken to the hospital and that his body was covered in bruises and burns from the abuse he suffered. Two other doctors also testified that the trauma to Avalos’s brain, which had bled and swollen (as found on a CT scan), was similar to shaken baby syndrome.

ABC7 reported that a detective also testified that in the Lancaster apartment where the boy was found, a rug was lifted in a corner. This was the same corner where, according to the boy’s brothers, they were forced to kneel on uncooked rice while holding weights, often until their knees bled.


Anthony Avalos Age

The age of Anthony Avalos was 10 years.

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Anthony Avalos cause of death

Priscilla Cabunoc, the nurse, informed Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Sam Ohta that she had seen many children die on the job and that they always had their parents with them. She noted that the boy’s mother, Heather Maxine Barron, 33, was not present with the boy when she died.

Cabunoc also stated that it seemed to her that Barron felt absolutely nothing for the death of her son and that the emotions she displayed were faked. She said Barron spent 10 minutes with her son before going away for a while. Cabunoc noted that Barron spoke insult and said, “To me, it seemed like she was forcing herself to have some kind of emotions.”


Barron and her boyfriend, Kareem Ernesto Leiva, 37, have been charged with murder and torture in the death of Avalos, and child abuse in the case of the Avalos brothers. According to FOX News, the boy and his siblings had been starved and force-fed in equal measure, forced to kneel over rice, whipped, had hot sauce thrown in their faces, and beaten at the home where the children were subjected to “physical extremes”. pain and suffering.”Read More…..

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