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A 43-year-old Air Force major named Andre McDonald was arrested in 2019 in connection with the murder of his wife, Andreen McDonald. McDonald, 40, was arrested after the disappearance of his wife, Andreen McDonald, 29. Andre was arrested after two friends of Andreen McDonald’s discovered bloodstains, hair and a pile of fresh burns at her home after she didn’t show up for work over the weekend.

Police later searched the house and arrested Andre McDonald for allegedly erasing receipts to hide the fact that he had purchased an axe, shovel, gloves, large garbage bags, and two five-gallon gas cans. Andreen McDonald told friends of hers that her husband would kill her if she ever went missing, authorities said, Heavy reported.

Judge Castro criticized McDonald today before imposing the sentence, claiming that during the course of the trial, she did not appear to show any feeling or regret. “You burned her body, hit it with a hammer, and desecrated her body. After that it almost seems like the thrill of a serial killer or something,” Castro said. “It seemed like you didn’t care about the dead mother of your child. You just didn’t seem to be bothered by it,” Law&Crime reports.


A Texas judge sentenced a 43-year-old Air Force major to the maximum sentence after finding him guilty of brutally murdering his 29-year-old wife and dismembering her body. San Antonio District Court Judge Frank Castro sentenced Andre McDonald to 20 years in prison on Monday, February 6 for brutally beating Andreen McDonald to death with a hammer and setting her body on fire in 2019.

Andre McDonald Age

The age ofAndre McDonald is 43 years.

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Why did Andre McDonald killed wife

Bexar County jurors stunned trial observers on Friday, February 3, by convicting McDonald of the misdemeanor manslaughter. 399th District Court Judge Frank Castro had the legal option to sentence Andre McDonald to a minimum of 2 years to a maximum of 20 years in prison on the manslaughter charge the jury found guilty. The defendant was originally charged with murder in connection with the death of his wife, Andreen McDonald, in 2019, but the jury opted for the lesser charge.


The most shocking testimony at the trial came from McDonald himself, who vividly described Andreen’s death and the gruesome aftermath. Judge Castro emphasized once again that McDonald “showed no emotion whatsoever” during this testimony and that the factual account “defied the imagination.” As Law & Crime previously reported, McDonald claimed that he killed Andreen in self-defense when a dispute over money and fidelity turned violent.

At an H&R Block event on February 28, 2019, McDonald claimed the controversy began when he discovered his wife had omitted his name from key documents establishing an assisted living facility. “It’s not every day that you find out your wife is cheating on you,” McDonald said.

He claimed that because his wife was “a little taller” than him at the time, he instinctively grabbed her face when their heads touched, presumably causing a “cut” on “the lower part of the body.” from his face.” Then, McDonald said, her wife went into the master bathroom to examine her face and discovered her blood, to which she became “extremely angry.” Then, McDonald said, his wife ran up to him, attacked him and began to beat him. After the argument, he said, he intentionally tripped her wife and caused her to fall to the ground. After that, the defendant told the jury that he “gave her like a couple of kicks” and after the second one, he “heard some kind of hiss coming from her.”


He claimed that the entire fight did not last more than a minute. McDonald claimed that shortly after he ended the fight, he heard “some running footsteps” and saw that the couple’s special needs child had gotten out of bed. He then claimed that he carried her back to bed after going up the stairs. When he returned, McDonald reportedly found his wife dead.

Honestly, I got pretty frenzied at that point,” the defendant testified during direct examination regarding the discovery that Andreen McDonald no longer had a pulse. “She is dead on the ground. We just had a fight. Obviously they are going to blame me for this and I have an autistic child who is 7 years old and above. Who’s going to take care of her?” McDonald will be eligible for parole after serving an additional 8 years and was given credit for just over two years already served.Read More….

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